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Creation of digital content: essential to your business

Being present on the Web is essential to make your business take off. Everything seems so simple… The Internet allows us to instantly reach thousands of people by breaking down geographical barriers! It's true, but to take advantage of it, there are no secrets: without optimized content, there is no visibility. Arm yourself with a digital content creation strategy with measurable and exponential effects on your visibility and the achievement of your objectives.

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Digital content is all audio, video, photo and text information on the Internet. The formats are varied, as are the distribution media: sites, blogs, social networks, etc. Developing your visibility requires communication adapted to your activity, via the appropriate distribution channels. The same content, presented in formats adapted to the channels, multiplies the impact and the coherence of your message.

Simplify your message

When you create content on your social networks, your site or your blog, you deliver a message. Its simplicity is proportional to its effectiveness. It is by analyzing the qualities of what you offer that you will precisely succeed in identifying it, as well as the needs to which you respond. It is not a question of praising a product or a service without having contextualized it; your readers must find answers to their questions thanks to your message.

Determine your target and meet your needs

When you want to deliver a message, you have to identify who it will resonate with. The “persona” is the composite portrait of your ideal customer: the one who needs your services or products. Knowing it and adapting your speech to its expectations makes you legitimate. To retain him, ask yourself the question “Is he encountering problems that I can provide solutions to?”. Knowing their questions gives you the keys to fill them: provide them with answers through digital content with high added value.

Creation of digital content: instructions for use

Define your goals

What do you really want from your content strategy? You have the desire to see your community grow, to federate around your services and increase your turnover. Do you value high traffic more or a smaller portion of highly qualified leads? Do not neglect this stage of reflection if you want to build customer loyalty and encourage them to promote you or renew a purchase. This assessment will allow you to establish the best possible content strategies, the one that speaks about you, to your target.

Bringing added value to digital content

The value of digital content is measured by the engagement and conversion rate it generates: views, shares, sales, are all indicators that you are on THE path! Quality takes precedence over quantity, but when you combine the two, it's a jackpot. To achieve this, there are no secrets, solid knowledge is necessary. Long, in-depth articles perform well on the web. The reader gets the information they were looking for, and Google thinks you know what to talk about. Useful and positive content leaves no doubt about your expertise: it is your asset to position yourself at the top of search engine results.

A neat shape

Your message will be perfectly received only if you adopt the appropriate tone. The informative content must be precise and understandable, the language neat, the spelling and the grammar irreproachable. To avoid the “expert syndrome”, minimize the use of complex jargon for the uninitiated. Take care with your approach, put your remarks into perspective, structure and prioritize the information. Aggressive, repeated and hammered sales pitches are to be avoided. Intelligibility and clarity yes, hype no!

Verified sources

Like the most scrupulous of journalists, you must make verification of information a principle for your publications. Your credibility depends on it: without it, your message is inaudible, you neither federate nor build loyalty. Every piece of information, allegation, reported fact must be valid. This quality requirement must also rhyme with originality. Duplicate content (duplicate content in French) is a strongly reprimanded practice, to be banned if you want to continue your ascent to the first results of Google. It is thanks to your unique expertise that you stand out.

Optimized content

In order to get to the top of search results, your editorial content must be pleasant to read, and this requires an overall hierarchy – both in the processing of information and in its structuring. Rich content is qualitative for Google's algorithms but also for the reader. Algorithms are constantly improving, recognizing and rewarding content that provides a pleasant user experience. SEO is very important, but not at the expense of quality: Wiki page maker writing must be optimized, but the priority is to offer the reader readable and natural content. Entrusting the creation of your digital content to the expertise of paseo web editor is a relevant way to enhance your content and work on your SEO.

Generate support with your branding

The values ​​of your business are a formidable lever to conquer your target. It is by working on your brand image, your “branding”, that you create support and retain your prospects over the long term. It is important to create a connection with those who share your values. Your audience recognizes itself in the message that you carry, and tends to accomplish positive actions that you are able to provoke. Forging a strong identity through authentic content is essential for branding those challenges, unites and converts.

Share for more effects

Delivering a message that gets heard is a step towards your success. However, virality is not an end in itself. We can combine all the parameters to cause this famous flash in the pan, but meeting the expectations of your audience takes priority over viral content, but which rings hollow. If you publish quality content, it will be appreciated and shared by your community, which will grow accordingly. Promoting your content is important, make sure it is just a click away from Internet users who visit your various sites, blogs and social networks.

Development of optimized content: permanent work for concrete results

The need for editorial planning

The editorial planning guides you in writing and distributing your content. It must be faithful to the company's schedule, your objectives and the needs of your target. Do not rely solely on the results of marketing studies for your digital content creation. A standardized copy-and-paste message will not hold attention. The objective is to be in tune with your target, this should lead you to reflect on the conformity of your content and your message. Develop your ideas around a theme in order to generate support. The longevity of your content will increase, as will your visibility and legitimacy.

Regularity to achieve your goals

Digital marketing is certainly new, but it is based on fundamentals. Does the rule of seven mean anything to you? The latter establishes that the target becomes aware of an offer only if it has been confronted with it at least seven times. Integrate this rule into your strategy, making sure to distribute your content sufficiently through your communication channels. Be regular: To please your readers and Google, you must adopt a continuous rhythm of publication. No need to publish an article daily for 3 months and then nothing; instead, consider a weekly publication throughout the year. These efforts and this consistency will propel you towards better results, lasting over time.

Innovation to never get bored

In order to enhance your know-how, prove your expertise and breathe new life into it. In the digital age everything goes fast, we have to innovate. If you are dealing with a topic that has been hackneyed many times, bring added value and distinguish yourself by taking a fresh look at it. Be original while remaining faithful to your editorial line, do not disguise your values ​​on the pretext of wanting to ride the wave. It's easy to produce quantity without added value, but that's not what will hold your audience's attention.

Investing for success: delegating digital content creation

A quality digital content creation strategy is a guarantee of success; it therefore has a price. It should be considered as an investment to develop your business, rather than as an expense. It strengthens your notoriety, allows you to attract prospects who were desperate to find you, and boost your turnover.

Trusting an SEO web writing professional brings your business to what it deserves: first place in the hearts of your target (and Google). He will be able to transmit your values ​​through your optimized content on the Web, and will carry your voice far beyond. To stop thinking about the competition, bet on creating digital content that makes the difference.

Do you have needs regarding the creation of your digital editorial content? Boost your business with a strong team.


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