Court orders Kio Ribeiro to pay $ 3.4 million loan with Prodesco

Collaboration with Diego Prague for UOL

TV globo commentator Kyo Ribeiro has been ordered by a court to repay a $ 3.4 million loan he signed with Banco Pradesco. Kyo's lawyers asked the court not to seize the ex-player's assets, while he did not present an argument to execute the loan.





According to Prodesco's lawyers, the loan was made in April 2018 through a loan offer of R $ 3 million. Funding made by the commentator Previous Payment in 360 months (30 years) from May 2018.

According to Prodesco, Kayo faced financial problems the following year and resumed debt negotiations. However, the bank says the commentator continued to pay the installments.

Kyo’s defense wants to use it as a guarantee to pay off a property worth $ 4.5 million, while a debt-related controversy is emerging in court. Prodesco's lawyers say the property used as Keo Ribeiro's network has depreciated and, according to the bank's calculations, is currently worth less than the commentator's debt, which is currently $ 3.4 million.

In the process, Kyo Ribeiro understands that the bank could never have filed for debt execution because it was contrary to the procedures set out in the financial agreement. Also, by force of law, any collection must first be carried out on a contractual guarantee, which is property. In due course, the security information also said that it would call into question the value of the calculations provided by the bank.

Last week, Judge Eduardo Moller He ordered Prodesco to comment on the former player's lawyers' request.

What Cayo Ribeiro says

Kyo Ribeiro was contacted by the first column on Friday. The former player was contacted by messages and calls, but did not respond. The column contacted Cairo Ribeiro's lawyers, but received no response. Globo, through his press office, said the case should be handled directly with the commentator as it is a personal matter. The report is available if Kayo wants to express himself.