Court Condemns Andre Risek for $ 471,000 in Damages in April – 06/25/2021 – Manica Bergamo

A Editora April Ordered to pay R $ 471,000 for damages Game Journalist Andre Risek.

In total, R $ 401 thousand represents compensation for material damage and R $ 70 thousand for pain and suffering. In 2001, Ryzek signed a report on Blogger magazine about the use of cocaine in football. He maintains that the text has been edited by inserting parts that are not his copyright.

One of the characters, a young player at the time, competed in the manner exposed in the final version of the text and filed a lawsuit.

There was a contract to pay compensation – but, despite the publisher being responsible for the sums, they ended up paying Risek, Which was given about 1 million 1 million.

Until April, In the redemption of justice, Reimbursed the journalist, but paid only a portion of that amount, for a total of R $ 620,000 in two installments. He said the company would have to join the ranks of lenders to get the rest.

Ryzek then went to court, which now decided to pay R 401,000 for material damages – and admitted that he had suffered moral damages when he was even exposed to debt execution, which was in fact from his former employer.

“The sentence to be recalled is unprecedented and encouraging for three reasons: it acknowledges the existence of post-contractual damage, that is, what happens after the termination of the employment contract; Exposes, it always belongs to him, and thus, this decision restores the freedom of the employee-journalist.

There is still appeal.

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