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Counterpart: Will It Be Cancelled or Renewed for a Third Season?

Counterpart Season 3

Counterpart Season 3

Thrillers based on science fiction People will always have a soft spot in their hearts for television series, which is presumably why shows like Counterpart have found some level of popularity throughout the years. This specific series, which was produced by Justin Marks and debuted on Starz in 2017, was the first of its kind.

This is a spy thriller series that follows Howard Silk, who discovers that the top-secret organization for which he works (which is similar to the United Nations) is guarding a passageway that leads to a completely different version of Earth, and that both universes are attempting to exploit the other for their benefits.

Counterpart Season 3

Because of the nature of the program, it has garnered a large number of admirers, who have only grown in number with each new season that has been published. Counterpart received positive reviews from critics, who described the play as “an engaging thrill-fest.”

The counterpart was able to demonstrate to its viewers exactly how complicated human nature is, and how each of our lives may alter for the better or worse based on the decisions we make, thanks to its multiverse premise, which was developed for the program. Things are changed, however, not by a single option, but by a series of choices that are made in a succession.

Main Cast

Counterpart Season 3

Counterpart's core cast of characters will be familiar to many viewers because it stars J.K. Simmons, who is most known for his role in the film Whiplash. He portrays Howard Silk (Alpha), a character who works as an Interface staffer at the Office of Interchange in the television series (OI). This firm, which is situated in Berlin, is more than it appears on the surface since it also serves as an espionage agency for the United Nations.

At the same time, Simmons portrays Howard Silk (Prime), a highly-skilled secret agent who works for Section 2 of the OI's Prime World equivalent of the Organization for International Cooperation.

We also have Olivia Williams, who portrays Emily Burton-Silk (Alpha), Howard Silk's wife, in this episode. But in the Prime World, she is his ex-wife and the mother of their daughter, Anna, who was born to them.

Counterpart Season 3

She has the same job title in both worlds, though, as she is a member of the Housekeeping team, which is part of the Office of Intelligence's counterintelligence role. The secret agencies of the Alpha and Prime planets are also home to several other prominent characters.

The role of Yanek, who works as a warden at the Prime World's subterranean facility, is played by James Cromwell, who has been in Green Mile and L.A. Confidential among other films and television shows.

As well as regular cast members, we have guest performers and recurrent characters such as Lotte Verbeek from The Borgias, who serves as the head of a group of infiltrators from the Prime World, and Stefan Kapicic from Deadpool. In general, these many individuals coexist and combine to form a complex and vast cast of characters.

What’s the Show About?

Counterpart Season 3

In the previous paragraph, we said that Counterpart follows Howard Silk, a guy who has been working for a Berlin-based organization known as the Office of Interchange (OI). Even though Howard has been working by this corporation for more than 30 years, he still holds a low position within the organization, which means he is not permitted to understand the nature of his job.

In actuality, OI is tasked with guarding a doorway that leads to a parallel realm known as Prime World, which is where the story begins. In the future, a scientist by the name of Yanek makes the seemingly innocuous choice to initiate a communication between the two parallel universes.

A domino effect, on the other hand, occurs, and the two universes become increasingly disjointed from one another. Not only that but a terrible virus is introduced into the Prime World, causing the deaths of millions of individuals who reside there.

Counterpart Season 3

To maintain the status quo, it appears that certain citizens of the Prime World have gone rogue, and Howard's Prime equivalent is an OI agent who often crosses the way to the Alpha World to recapture those who have gone rogue.

However, it does not look like peace will be achieved anytime soon. Because many individuals in the Prime World think that the virus was brought about by the Alpha World, there is a constant state of factional warfare among the populace.

Increasing levels of violence and hostility are on the edge of erupting and drastically altering the lives of Howard and his unconscious wife.

One of the things that distinguish Counterpart from all of the other television series broadcast on Starz—or any other television network, for that matter—is that it is such a professionally produced and well-crafted espionage drama.

Counterpart Season 3

Of course, it's impossible to avoid the fact that some of the show's science is ridiculous, and that if you were a real scientist, you'd raise an eyebrow at some of the show's claims.

However, if you disregard all of that and simply concentrate on the show's plot and what it's all about, Counterpart is a terrific series that is capable of presenting its viewers with an enthralling experience.

As a result, we can't help but applaud Simmons for his outstanding performance throughout the series, in which he was able to channel two completely distinct personas with no effort on his part.

If you see Counterpart, you'll be left wondering what life might be like if things were done a different way.

Why Was Counterpart Canceled?

Counterpart Season 3

Given that Counterpart earned overwhelmingly positive reviews from both reviewers and fans alike, why did Starz decide to terminate the show despite its widespread popularity? In actuality, the cancellation of Counterpart had nothing to do with the show's ratings or the quality of the television broadcast.

Instead, Starz was putting the finishing touches on a new brand strategy at the time, and the network intended to release more material that was geared toward a more female audience to achieve this.

In this case, Counterpart did not meet the criteria since its audience was overwhelmingly composed of male viewers. Some episodes of Counterpart were only able to attract a few hundred thousand viewers at the time.

Counterpart Season 3

Although other series on Starz and other networks were able to draw in millions of people every week, it was reported at the time. For example, the historical drama Outlanders, shown on Starz, averaged millions of viewers every episode.

Following the announcement, the show's creator expressed hope that Counterpart would be able to find a new network to which it could be broadcast for the series to continue.

Due to a lack of success on the side of Media Rights Capital, it was announced in April 2019 that Counterpart would not be returning for a third season and that the program had been formally terminated.

What Are the Ratings of This Show?

Counterpart Season 3

Counterpart is a highly praised television show that has also received a large number of viewers. It has an 8.1-star rating on IMDb.

Not only is the program receiving a “Fresh” rating from critics, but it also continues to have a perfect rating on Rotten Tomatoes. According to, the show has received an overall rating of 8.3 out of 10, with a solid approval rating of 92 percent.

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The third season of this program has already been announced by the producers, and so far, audiences have given it an average rating of 4.8 stars on Amazon Prime Video. The narrative is interesting, however, it only has a little audience compared to what it deserves.


It happens now and then that an excellent program is canceled for a variety of reasons—it might be due to a decline in audience, a poor rating, or any other cause. Counterpart, on the other hand, just did not fit into the network's new brand strategy and was therefore forced to be canceled. While it's a shame, you may still watch the first two seasons of the program if you haven't before or if you want to relive the excitement.

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