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This week, Freedom Games and programmer TRAGsoft announced the official launch of Coromon, a recent monstrous domesticating gameplay experience developed by them and TRAGsoft.

On March 31, both parties announced that it would be available on the Nintendo Switch platform.

It was announced that Coromon would be coming to the Nintendo Switch in May of the previous year. According to the initial report, the game will premiere in March 2022.

Coromon Quick Facts

Initial release date: March 31, 2022
Developer: TRAGsoft
Engine: Solar2D
Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS, Linux, Macintosh operating systems, Microsoft Windows, tvOS
Role-playing video games, Indie games, Adventure games, Strategy video game
Publishers: Freedom Games, Freedom Family Limited

According to pockettactics, it was released on July 21, 2022.

What is Coromon?
Source: pcmag
  • It's yet another indie pixel-art retelling of the classic Pokemon series, which isn't necessarily bad.
  • 120 Coromon must be collected, a story to be lived through, bosses to defeat, and puzzles to solve that will melt your brain, which is part of the fun.
  • Many people are interested in it because it looks and sounds like a Pokemon game from the early 2000s, which is understandable considering how large the Pokemon ROM hacking community is.

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  • Coromon also includes online battles, a soundtrack with over 50 tracks, multiple save slots and autosave functionality, difficulty and randomizer modes, and a slew of other customization options to make your gaming experience as personalized as possible.
  • The game will cost players between $1.99 and $3.99 on mobile devices and $14.99 on desktop computers, so if you're interested in playing it, be sure to check it out when it launches in March.

Is There a Trailer for Coromon?

There is! Check it out:

Coromon's Full Synopsis Is Listed Below

You will embark on an incredible journey as a devoted servant and Coromon instructor.

  • Along with the newest monster, Lux Solis, attracting innovation from theoretical physicists, the group travels throughout the Velua province, gathering a collection of frightening yet endearing organisms.
  • Halt is a shady organization that prevents the demonic creature of legend, the Coromon Leviathan, from being unleashed on the universe.
Source: pcmag
  • Trek through innumerable villagers conjured up with excellent raster graphics to assemble a strike force of over 120 Coromon of various types, including soil, wizardry, impure, intense, air, and taint, to build a strike force.
  • Compete against six legendary opponents. Titans are endangering the Coromon quality of thinking indestructible terrain through the brain teaser underworld, streetside scuffles, and the number of co-manager battles is some of how they do so.

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  • Following each fight, return to the Fitness Coach Center to tend to the defensive unit's wounds before re-establishing the defensive team on the battlefield.
  • Establishing and personalizing each Coromon's percentage stream will help to create a cheerful dynamic duo that will allow them to play comfortably or competently.
  • Make use of three open protect spaces to infinitely experiment with various Coromon methods, and select from four unique complex mechanisms, including a built-in supporter “Nuzlocke” alternative, to create a fantastic experience.
  • Please provide them with a variety of physiological and behavioral options at the start of their Coromon voyage to help them become a proficient instructor.
  • Consider taking an illuminating test online that matches lecturers with the most suitable beginning Coromon companion, or choose the searching companion who appears to be the most attractive.
  • Coromon would cost 19.99 dollars in the Nintendo Switch's online store. It would be possible to receive linguistic assistance in the following languages: English, French; Italian; German; Spanish; Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese (Streamlined).

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Final Words

That's All About Coromon. Thank You For Reading! Stay Tuned For More Updates, And Bookmark Our Site For More Gaming News And Announcements.

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