Corinthian Inter Did Not Accept Nonado in the Contract for Bruno Mundes

International tried well, but failed to negotiate with midfielder Nonado Corinthians Fur Credit from Bruno Mundes. The Colorado board offered the athletics to Timon, but the Corinthians got a denial because the idea of ​​the summit allowed them to hire reinforcements to attack. As an obstacle, the club will offer a rebate of R500 thousand for the Uruguay loan from Rio Grande do Sul.

In the contract sewn yesterday (21) for the night between the two clubs, Defender Bruno Montes leaves Sao Paulo this week to sign with the International for a season. The deal is a loan and will pay 100% of the salary of Club Bruno Montez from Rio Grande do Sul. To reduce transaction costs, Colorado midfielder Nonado provided a switch involved.

Although it treats the player with the best energy, the team Corinthians He understands that the athlete will not solve the problem of the offensive system and if he accepts this opportunity, he will lose his place in the payroll for hiring someone in the second semester. The club's goal is to bring in players to help coach Silvinho solve the attacking problem.

Nonado is the third man in the middle, with a performance and passing character in the center path of the field. Recently, The Corinthians Camacho lost to Santos, and Ramiro must lose Football Asian. Despite this, the cast includes Xavier, Gabriel, Ronnie, Condillo, Thiagunho, Aras and Whitinho in this position.

On the negative side, the international was required to make the deal possible in another way and agreed to pay 500 500,000 to the Corinthians for a loan from Bruno Mundes for one season. Both clubs and players' staff understand that Uruguay will have more chances in Porto Alegre as Colorado partner Victor Gusta needs a defender.

Bruno Mundes' career plan for next year's World Cup in Qatar, with the Uruguayan team – if Celeste wins a place in the World Cup. For this, the defender must be the source in the market.