Who is Madisyn Van Ham? Meet Corey Seager’s Wife!

Corey Seager, a prominent figure in Major League Baseball (MLB), has captured the hearts of baseball enthusiasts with his remarkable talent and dedication to the sport. Beyond his accomplishments on the field, his personal life has also drawn attention. In this article, we'll introduce you to Madisyn Van Ham, the beloved wife of Corey Seager, and shed light on their relationship.

Who Was Corey Seager?

Corey Seager was born in Charlotte, North Carolina, on April 17, 1994. On September 3, 2015, he made his MLB debut for the Angels. He made three All-Star appearances in 2016, 2017, and 2022.

In addition, he will be a World Series champion in 2020. In 2016, he was named National League Rookie of the Year. He also won the Silver Slugger Award twice, in 2016 and 2017. In addition, he was named to the All-MLB Second Team in 2020.

Corey Seager has a 291 batting average, 149 home runs, 499 RBI, 16 stolen bases, 361 OBP, and 864 OPS. He has proven to be an important member of the Rangers.

Who Was Corey Seager's Wife?

Corey Seager was married to Madisyn Seager. Her real name is Madisyn Van Ham.

Madisyn Seager was born in North Carolina on March 10, 1996. She graduated from Northwest Cabarrus High School. She was a part of the track and field team in high school. She completed 100 meters in 18.94 seconds.

Corey Seager's Wife

She later attended East Carolina University. Her bachelor's degree is in business administration.

Madisyn began her job as a social media intern with Melissa's Produce after college. She did, however, quickly advance to a full-time role as a social media marketing specialist for the same company. She is on Instagram, where she has 59.8K followers.

Corey Seager and Madisyn's Love Story

How Did They Meet?

Madisyn has known Corey since high school, and the two began dating at that time. Corey and Madisyn resumed their romance after a few years when she visited him in the lower leagues. By early 2015, she was back on Instagram, this time with Corey.

“I saw he still had a picture frame I gave him of us, and it just melted me,” she explained to Inside Weddings.

As the duo spent more time together, their bond grew stronger, prompting Corey to consider their future.


On December 7, 2019, Corey got down on one knee while they were in Boston for a New England Patriots game to witness Tom Brady play—a bucket-list sports experience. He opted to check off two items at the same time after receiving her parents' approval.

The newly engaged pair shared the good news on Instagram in separate photos. “Yes, forever and ever!” Here's to the next phase, together!” Corey captioned a picture of Madisyn.


On December 5, 2020, Corey and Madisyn married at Saddle Wood Farms in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, near Nashville.

Corey Seager's Wife

The groom's father officiated the modest ceremony, and the couple exchanged private vows before it. Hazel, their dog, was also a ring bearer, dressed in a bespoke tutu.

Furthermore, when Corey won the World Series, Madisyn wrote a lengthy statement on Instagram congratulating her husband on his achievement.Freaking.Champ”. She also stated that he is really encouraging and that she is his biggest cheerleader.

Furthermore, when Corey won the World Series, Madisyn sent a lengthy statement on Instagram, declaring that her husband is a “World.Freaking.Champ”. She also stated that he is really encouraging and that she is his biggest cheerleader.

Do Corey Seager and Madisyn Van Ham Have Children?

Corey Seager has a love relationship with his wife. According to their Instagram posts, they spend a lot of time with their friends and acquaintances. They also share enough time with one another.

He and his wife Madisyn, however, do not have any children as of yet. They are, nonetheless, proud dog owners. They have two lovely puppies named Hazel and Harlow. Hazel was even a ring bearer at their wedding.

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Corey and Madisyn are anticipated to enjoy a happy and healthy life together while juggling their personal and professional lives.

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