Netflix Releases Copenhagen Cowboy Trailer, Nicolas Winding Refn on His Cathartic Filming Experience!

The release date of the Netflix original series Copenhagen Cowboy has been set for December 8th, 2022.

Many Americans are familiar with Nicolas Winding Refn now thanks to his recent films set in neon-drenched Los Angeles, such as “Drive” and “The Neon Demon.” Nonetheless, the Danish director first gained widespread attention with his “Pusher” trilogy, which focused on the seedy side of Copenhagen. After the COVID-19 outbreak stopped him from working abroad, he set his sights on Copenhagen once more.

Refn's most recent work is “Copenhagen Cowboy,” a new six-episode Netflix series that he has termed a “poetic neo-noir.” Production on the film just ended up, and it will make its debut at the Venice Film Festival before premiering on the streaming service later this year. Besides Angela Bundalovic, Lola Corfixen, and Zlatko Buric, the cast also includes Andreas Lykke Jrgensen, Jason Hendil-Forssell, Li Ii Zhang, Dragana Milutinovic, Mikael Bertelsen, and Mads Brügger. The series was conceived and directed by Refn.

Copenhagen Cowboy Release Date

Officially described by Netflix as “a thrill-inducing, neon-drenched noir series spanning across six episodes,” Copenhagen Cowboy centers on the mysterious teenage heroine Miu. On the cusp of a fresh start after a lifetime of slavery, she makes her way through the seedy underbelly of Copenhagen. As she travels the natural and magical worlds in search of justice and revenge, she crosses paths with her archenemy, Rakel. Ultimately, the past changes and determines the women's future as they learn they are “not alone, they are many.”

After the 2019 Amazon Prime Video limited series “Too Old to Die Young,” which featured Miles Teller, “Copenhagen Cowboy” is Refn's second significant television production. In an interview with IndieWire, he stated that he is not concerned if people do not see the complete 13-hour “event.”

Thirteen hours, he added, is a long period in anyone's life. Because traditional television is as dead as a doornail, I find streaming to be an exciting new frontier. […] Also, it's a novel idea because it can't be contained. Sign in and exit at will. The two groups are now able to coexist peacefully. Because of the limitations of weekly broadcasts on analog channels, the format of the television episode is based on a serial structure. Why do we keep using stories and buildings from a period that no longer exists?

After publicly supporting streaming as a distribution model at this year's Cannes Film Festival, the director has made it clear that he is ready to make the transition.

A sea of opportunities, as Refn put it, can be found in the world of streaming. It was a lot of fun for as long as I had money to come to work every day and just paint. Studios, as everyone knows, are preparing for streaming. Unlike traditional theatre, which only operates during certain hours of the day, streaming content is always available and may be accessed anytime the viewer pleases. That's a brand-new worldview on how to live.

When “Copenhagen Cowboy” will be available on Netflix on December, 8th 2022. Check out the preview below:

Copenhagen Cowboy Release Date Confirmed

The release date of the Netflix original series Copenhagen Cowboy has been set for December 8th, 2022.

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