Copenhagen Cowboy Ending Explained: Does Ai Come Back to Mother Hulda?

Nicolas Winding Refn, the creator of Pusher, Drive, and The Neon Demon, directs Copenhagen Cowboy, a neon-drenched noir series. The brand-new Netflix series premiered on January 5, 2023. It consists of six episodes with a total runtime of 45-50 minutes. The show's writers include Sara Isabella Jnsson Vedde, Johanne Algren, and Mona Masri, in addition to Refn.

The Danish program revolves around the character Miu, played by Angela Bundalovic, a young heroine on a vengeful trip through Copenhagen's criminal underworld. The film's cinematographer is Magnus Nordenhof Jonck, while the music is composed by Peter Kyed, Cliff Martinez, Peter Peter, and Julian Winding.

Explanation of the Copenhagen Cowboy's Ending

Miu returned to Chiang's lair with Mor Hulda after completing the assignment assigned to her by Chiang. However, Chiang subsequently confesses that he did not abduct the small girl; rather, he brought her to stay with him because she was his daughter. Hulda purposefully withheld this information from Miu.

Copenhagen Cowboy Ending Explained

But she wasn't astonished by the discovery because she could have predicted it with her powers. Previously, she used her abilities to locate the body of a friend. Hulda expresses gratitude to Miu for assisting her in reuniting with her daughter. Following that, they both said their goodbyes.

Did Miu Marry Chiang?

Chiang and Miu are strangely spotted beside a bed where he is lying down, with Miu seated beside him. They both inhabit a realm of withering rose plants in a surreal scenario. Chiang eats the blood flowing out of her palm as she presses it on the plant.

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The image switches to the actual world, as a rose petal trail is painstakingly laid across the floor. Miu follows and comes to a halt at the end of the path. Chiang proposes marriage to Miu because she is the only person with whom he feels a connection. His addiction began with the multiple times she assisted him in getting over his pain.

However, she discovers that he is making the proposal for selfish reasons, and she declines. He becomes enraged and threatens to kill her, as well as Hulda and Ai. Miu defeats and kills him in a protracted and slow-paced action sequence.

Does Ai Come Back to Mother Hulda?

Miu takes Hulda to Mr. Chiang's house, where he is waiting with Ai, after killing Dusan. He draws a picture of a snake with three heads and tells Miu that Hulda isn't who she says she is.

Copenhagen Cowboy Ending Explained

He says that keeping his end of the deal is hard for him because Ai is also his daughter, but he will do it because Miu fixed his mind. Hulda leaves with Ai, but Miu doesn't go with her and tells her that they will never see each other again.

What Does Miu Do With Mr. Chiang?

Mr. Chiang tells Miu that he has been in love many times, but each time he has been hurt, so he has shut his heart off for a long time. He asks her if she can also heal his heart by spending the night by his side. She agrees to do it, and Mr. Chiang tells her the next morning that he slept well.

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He asks her to marry him because he feels a different kind of connection with her. If she says no, he tells her that he will kill her and everyone she cares about, including Hulda and Ai if he doesn't get to marry her. They fight, and once again, Miu shows herself to be a strong opponent and kills him.

Does Rakel Face Miu?

Nicklas gives Arne, a hunter, the job of finding food for Rakel so she can get back to full strength. In the forest, he kills a man and takes his heart to feed Rakel. She feels her powers return right away, and she tells Nicklas that Miu is only one of many.

Miu is in the woods with Nicklas's victims, like Cimona, after she fights Mr. Chiang. They are all wearing blue jumpsuits that look the same, and they lead her to an open area. When she closes her eyes, Rakel appears to her. Rakel screams, and the loud, high-pitched sound hurts Miu's ears and makes her cry.

What Does Miroslav Do?

Miroslav has a video call with a man named Hideo, and during the call, he tells Hideo that he thinks Miu is putting his life in danger. Hideo tells him there is only one way for him to be safe.

He tells Miroslav to go to the Giants because they are the only ones who can fight Miu. Miroslav agrees, but Hideo has one last warning for him.