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Mes Martin is one of the few entrepreneurs who has been on Shark Tank TWICE and left both times without a deal or a Shark on board. His product, Copa Di Vino, which he pitched on ABC's Shark Tank, has gotten attention worldwide and is now worth more than $70 million.

This is not only because of how clever the product is but also because of what's happened since both shows aired. This story is interesting, let's see how Copa Di Vino is doing today.

What is Copa Di Vino?

Copa Di Vino is the best company in the United States for making premium wine by the glass. James Martin, who started and owns the company, came up with the idea while riding a bullet train through the south of France. The phrase “Copa di Vino” means “a glass of wine” in English.

Many people need to drink wine, but they can't do it without glass and a corkscrew. Copa Di Vino was made to get rid of the need for these other accessories. He first used the device in The Dalles, Oregon, where he grew up. The Dalles is in the beautiful Columbia River Gorge.

Copa Di Vino Net Worth

Copa Di Vino is a box with a wine glass already filled and ready to drink. It gets rid of the need for a bottle, corkscrew, and glass so that people can drink wine anywhere without having to carry them around. Just open the box and have fun! The bottle can no longer contain the wine.

James Martin's First Pitch

By the time James Martin met with the Sharks for the first time, he already had a business that was doing well. He needed money to grow the brand and get more stock. After James pitched his idea to the Sharks, Kevin O'Leary made an exciting offer.

He was happy to give James the $600,000 he wanted, but only in exchange for a huge 51% stake in the company. James turned down this offer, and he decided to go it alone without a Shark and the promises that came with having one.

James Martin's Second Pitch

Copa Di Vino had sold $5 million worth of wine in just 12 months after the first show aired, which was a big deal. But James still had the old problem of keeping track of his stock. So, he decided to talk to the Sharks again to see if he could get some money.

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This time, the Sharks made James much better deals and even offered to work together with him so that he could get the help of three Sharks instead of just one.

Copa Di Vino Net Worth

After a long pause, James turned down all of the offers. He said that for the $600,000 the Sharks were offering, he would be giving away twice as much of his business.

How Much is Copa Di Vino Worth Now?

On the other hand, James Martin has made money with his business. James's sales have gone through the roof since he appeared on Shark Tank.

Copa Di Vino is now worth more than $70 million. James has deals with big stores like Walmart and sells thousands of cups of wine each month.

Negative Associations With the Product

Joseph Falcone, a partner of James's who is thought to have come up with the idea for the product, was recently found guilty of using other investors' money for his gain.

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Falcone was just given a 24-month prison sentence for fraud after spending a massive amount on his mortgage and other personal expenses. Copa Da Vino was found not to have done anything wrong because of Falcone's crimes.

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