Copa America Records 41 Cases of Corona Virus, Ministry of Health – Confirms the Game

A USA Cup Already triggered 41 cases From Govit-19. In total, 31 athletes and delegates were recruited by members, and ten more by service providers. South American Football Confederation (Conmepole). All events were in Brasilia.

So far, the Ministry of Health has conducted 2,927 RT-PCR tests for these competitions. Conmepol service providers were diagnosed with the new corona virus after contacting foreign delegates who arrived in the country's capital to participate in the Copa America. This Monday, the 14th, the information was confirmed Ministry of Health To Condition.

At least 13 members Venezuela team, Who arrived in Brazil on Friday, Tested positive for Covit-19, Between athletes and technical team members. Ministry of Health and Central District Health Department They monitor hotel staff who liaise with foreign agents.

Apart from Venezuela, other teams also registered cases Corona virus. Ann Bolivian choiceFor example, four positive cases. The players did not take part in the first fight in Copa America this Monday Paraguay, In Goinia (GO).

The 2021 Copa Amrica came to Brazil after Colombia and Argentina withdrew from hosting the event. The match came as a result of an agreement between Conmepol and the government of President Jair Bolsanaro with the CFF broker, the Brazilian Football Federation.

The first match of the tournament was played in Brasilia and Venezuela on Sunday. Coach Tito's team won 3-0.

Last week, the Ministry of Health itself issued safety regulations for Copa America. Established folder rules for each moment the teams stayed, from the time they arrived in Brazil until they returned to their home countries. Athletes must stay in the hotels where they are staying and cannot leave the place except for training. Players must take Govt-19 checks each day.

Last week, the Minister of Health, Marcelo Guerrero, Reduced the incidence of positive cases of the disease among members of foreign delegations. “It simply came to our notice then. If we do not have the possibility of positive events, we will not have strict ethics. Other athletes should come and the tournament will go on normally, ”the health minister said.

Earlier, in his second testimony to Covit's CBI in the Senate, Guerrero had already stated that hosting the Games in Brazil did not pose an “additional risk” to the country in relation to the epidemic. The minister, who was not consulted before the government’s decision to hold the competition, said it was not the responsibility of the Ministry of Health to intervene in Copa America, as it was a private event.

“What the Ministry of Health needs to do is to review safety regulations and strengthen them so that there is no additional risk to athletes, the technical team and everyone participating in the event. The states that have agreed to do the competition are also involved in this process,” Kuiroka said at the time.