Contraband – Avalanche Studios’ New Multiplayer Heist Game!

When Contraband made its debut at the Xbox and Bethesda E3 conferences last year, we were taken completely by surprise. What it is, as developed by Avalanche Studios — the studios behind Mad Max and Just Cause – is a new co-op heist game that incorporates some intriguing open-world and vehicle-based components.

On the surface, that sounds like a combination of Mad Max and Just Cause, and while there isn't a great deal of information available at the moment, we do know that Contraband will be available only for the Xbox One and PC platforms.

To save you time here is all we know about Contraband.

Contraband release date

Contraband, unlike most of the games revealed during Microsoft's E3 conference, was not given a release date. No matter when this exciting Microsoft exclusive launches, we can expect it to be available on Xbox One X/S/S/X and PC.


A day-one Xbox Game Pass release for Contraband has been confirmed by the software maker as well. As if that wasn't enough, Contraband will be released with full Xbox Cloud Gaming Support when it goes on sale.

Contraband Trailer

The Contraband launch video begins with the song “Do It Again” by Steely Dan and offers us a first impression of the game's aesthetic and feel before moving on to other scenes.

The trailer is intentionally ambiguous throughout, revealing little information about the gameplay, plot, or characters, nor does it provide any major backstory for any of them.

With a name like “Contraband,” we have a strong suspicion that it will be a robbery title. Supporting evidence for this is provided by an excerpt from the game's trailer that depicts a brief depiction of a heist dubbed the “Sun River Job.”

While lying underneath a Jeep near the end of the trailer, we can see a character (although we cannot see their face) performing maintenance on the vehicle.

On the roof of the Jeep is an open red box, which when opened reveals the game's title later on.

Contraband Gameplay

Although we haven't seen any gameplay yet, we have a clear sense of what players may expect from Contraband.


This open-world co-op adventure takes place in the imaginary world of Bayan, a smuggler's paradise set in the 1970s.

Platform Support And Final Words

Is Contraband a game that you'd be interested in playing? Then you can rest assured that we'll have all of the pertinent information for you as soon as it becomes available.

According to the developer, Contraband will be released only for the Xbox Series X/S and on PC in the not-too-distant future.

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