Cody Longo Cause of Death: How Did the Actor of “Days of Our Lives” Die?

TMZ reported the death of Cody Longo, an actor & singer who was featured in shows including Hollywood Heights and Days of Our Lives. He was approaching his 35th birthday in a matter of days.

After his wife Stephanie was unable to reach him, she reportedly requested a welfare check be conducted on him and the police found the father of three at his house in Austin, Texas on February 8.

When asked by the New York Post about the devastating news, Stephanie said, “Cody was our whole world.” Both the kids and I are completely broken and devastated. He was the greatest father and greatest dad. What horrible event caused this loss? Here’s what we know so far about Cody Longo cause of death.

What Was Cody Longo Cause of Death?

Sources close to Cody Longo's family have told TMZ that alcohol was likely a contributing factor in his death, though this has not been confirmed by authorities.

Cody Longo Cause of Death

Allegedly, Cody's alcoholism persisted for a long time. After a drunken argument with his wife in November 2020, he was arrested on charges of domestic assault. Cody reportedly checked into rehab in the summer of 2017, but a family member told TMZ that he may have relapsed since then.

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Fans Have Been Mourning the Death of Cody Longo

Followers of Cody's have been vocal on social media about their grief after the news of his death became public. In spite of the widespread mourning for his passing, others have taken to the written word to honor his legacy and the gifts he left behind. The music in Hollywood Heights is better, as one Twitter user, @shayne davis21, put it. “Cody Longo has such a stunning voice.”

Who Did Cody Longo Play in ‘Days of Our Lives’?

The iconic American soap opera “Days of Our Lives” premiered on television in 1965 and has since aired virtually every week, totaling more than 14,000 episodes. In 2011, Longo began playing the role of Nicholas Alamain for a total of eight episodes.

Cody Longo Cause of Death

He also played Eddie Duran on ‘Hollywood Heights' for 78 episodes. Both ‘CSI: NY' and ‘CSI: Crime Scene Investigation' have featured him in guest roles. He also had some success as a musician under the stage name Cody Anthony, in addition to his acting career.

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He was already well-known for his acting work when, in 2014, his self-written song “She Said” landed at #3 on the Billboard Hot 100. His first record also did well, and he went on to serve as the film and TV industry's go-to music supervisor for a number of hits.