Cocaine Cowboys The Kings of Miami Season 1: An Amazing Real Story

Are you into crime thrillers? Do you feel for the criminals when you find out their motive and realize they were forced to go down this path and they weren’t all bad? Well, we bring to you a show which promises a similar story.

It is the Cocaine Cowboys The kings of Miami; we will also talk about Cocaine Cowboys The Kings of Miami' Season 1.

The trailer of Cocaine Cowboys: The Kings of Miami

Sal and Billy were considered local heroes, and as one of the interviewees suggested, they were the robin hoods who used to share their wealth. The trailer portrays the gist of their lavish life, what else was cooking under the cityscape of Miami; during their illustrious run, they managed to smuggle 75 tons of cocaine into the U.S., owning up to 2 billion dollars of empire!!! 

Yup, you heard it right, and that's why it is referred to as the biggest, worst and blood-drenched mafia drug deal in the 1980s that shook the world for historians to remember.

Based on real-life stories, “Los Muchachos” de Miami is one of the greatest loots of all time. It's a Classic thief and police saga, with the mouse, always finding the way to outrun the thread of takedown attempts for decades.

Cocaine Cowboys The Kings of Miami Season 1


The Plot of Cocaine Cowboys: The Kings of Miami

To understand the crime, we first need to realize who the criminals are, and that's what the first two episodes unravel, as we get to see them as race boat champions and celebrities. As Sal and Billy, the partners in crime, explained it, for them, they were just goofing around, having fun and the drug dealing just came naturally to them. 

Director Billy Corben has done some great work in setting up the plot and narration; he knows how to put together the story making the experience of the series immersive and engaging. It was evident through his work in some of his previous projects ‘Raw Deal: A Question of Consent’, ‘the U’ and many others, no wonder why he was honoured as the youngest director in Sundance history. 

People sometimes may allege that such documentaries glorify the crime, devastation, chaos and rampage, but that's not the case with this one, as the storyline is set in such a way that the documentary filmed ends up with an overwhelmingly large number of interviews clips, giving justice and morality to the showbiz by capturing it from each and every possible angle. Footages of friends, family, employees, journalists, lawyers, prosecutors and law enforcement agencies and news clippings included. 

Director Billy surely knows how to make guests comfortable and to let them express the story in its rawest form with a touch of fun, laughable moments that may take the viewers by surprise amidst such a grim discussion, with all the punches landing right on the point. 

The documentary is fairly easy to understand. The story unfolds in the chronological pattern, being narrated over the decades of their life and summarized in six episodes with every episode of approx 40 mins. 


About Cocaine Cowboys: The Kings of Miami' Season 1

Billy and Sal, for a major part of their enterprise, were non-violent, and it's intriguing to know they manage to avoid trouble for so long without getting caught until the very last moment of their criminal enterprise. And thus, this heist is rightfully christened as it's called the ‘largest drug case in United States history. 

The clipping includes not just archived interview series but accompanied with recent interviews shot over the silver screen with people who were with the two during their golden run. 

The viewers will jump right into the depth of all events and organization of the crime constructed in an extremely precise and detailed way, the finesse with which drugs were smuggled, how intricately were the levels of their business were structured, how fool-proof was their money laundering, ledges, payoff schemes and also the corruption in the United States political machinery and Bureaucracy. How it is the termites of the system that helped such a colossal endeavour to reach fruition. The documentary has no sex, little nudity and some profound imagery of violence. 


Wrapping Up

Released in 2006 turns out to be the highest-rated documentary ever on the Showtime cable network, followed by another sequel just two years later, Cocaine Cowboys 2: Hustling with the Godmother. So if you are searching for a more intriguing documentary, just explore our website because there you will get a plethora of articles.