Cobra Kai’s Season 4 Has Been Announced on Netflix!

Season 4 of Cobra Kai is a web series created by Cobra Kai. The fourth season begins with Daniel (Ralph Macchio) and Johnny (William Zabka) putting their disagreements aside and forming a new dojo comprised of Miyagi-do and Eagle Fang martial artists. With more at risk, the new dojo must now compete with Kreese's (Martin Kove) team. Meanwhile, Hawk (Jacob Bertrand) has switched sides and is now siding with the good guys, while Robby (Tanner Buchanan) is siding with the bad guys.

Season 4 Cast of Cobra Kai

William Zabka as Johnny and Ralph Macchio as Daniel LaRusso lead the fourth season of Cobra Kai's cast. Martin Kove reprises his role as John Kreese, as well as the opposing dojos' students:

  • Miguel Diaz is played by Xolo Mariduea.
  • Samantha LaRusso, Daniel's daughter, is played by Mary Mouser.
  • Tanner Buchanan (as Johnny's son, Robby Keene)
  • Eli “Hawk” Moskowitz is played by Jacob Bertrand.
  • Tory Nichols (Peyton List)
  • Demetri is played by Gianni Decenzo.

Courtney Henggeler will reprise her role as Amanda LaRusso (Daniel's wife), while Vanessa Rubio will reprise her role as Carmen Diaz (Miguel's mother).

As previously stated, Thomas Ian Griffith returns as Terry Silver, the major antagonist from the Karate Kid Part III film. Sean Kanan, who plays karate bad boy Mike Barnes, could join him. There's more on that later. Yuji Okumoto as Chozen and Tamlyn Tomita as Kumiko, whom Daniel reconciled with on his Okinawa vacation, were not expected to return for Season 3. Okumoto did, however, make a brief appearance in the season 4 finale.

Season 4 also saw the addition of two significant new cast members. Kenny, a tormented young child at school who takes to karate to defend himself, is played by Dallas Dupree Young (Cousins for Life, Shameless). Devon is played by Oona O'Brien (Annie, School of Rock), a new karate student who is fiercely competitive, fast to learn, and equally quick to lose her cool when challenged.

Nichole Brown as Aisha made an appearance, which pleased fans. She's moved to a new place, and Sam pays her a visit to have a heart-to-heart with her.

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Season 4 of Cobra Kai: What Will Happen in the Upcoming Season?

Cobra Kai season 4 has the majority of its impending tale mapped out well in advance, more than any other season before it. So far, we've gotten a solid taste of what to expect from the Eagle Fang, Miyagi-do, and Cobra Kai dojos.

That's because all of the pieces on the board have aligned for a spectacular finish, and all eyes are on the U18 All Valley Karate Tournament.

What is the set-up? On one hand, there's Kreese. Johnny and Daniel, on the other hand, in their newly founded dojo, which combines Miyagi-do with Eagle Fang. Regardless of whatever dojo wins the competition, the other must disband permanently. As co-creator Hayden Schlossberg stated on Twitter, “we can expect it to be dramatic.” “In Season 4, I've been watching and rewatching the All Valley tournament. There are numerous occasions when I am energised and almost lose control. It's like every Rocky bout rolled into one, with all the buildup and suspense building up to a relentless action explosion.”

The broad outline for the forthcoming season appears to be that showdown, but it might get a lot more intricate than that. Hawk appears to be back on the side of the (karate) angels and fighting the good fight, while Robby has joined Kreese's side – and, together with Peyton List's vicious Tory, might be one of season 4's primary baddies.

 Then there's the question of who Kreese is calling in the third season's final moments. Terry Silver, the major villain from Karate Kid 3 and someone with whom he served in Vietnam, has returned. The return of the moneybags to Reseda could bode disaster for Daniel and Johnny, as well as a massive expansion of Cobra Kai.

Of course, Daniel and Johnny collaborating is a significant departure from the series' previous dynamic, which has seen them at war with one another. “The challenge is what I'm most looking forward to in the Daniel/Johnny pairing. As they labour toward the same goal, they must navigate their diverse personalities and obstinate mindsets “Ralph Macchio, who plays Daniel in the film, said Deadline. “Their background is complex and multi-layered. Even though their intents are the same, they are wired so differently. Billy [Zabka] and I enjoy delving into our friendship and rivalry. The Ross and Rachel portion of our show has always been referred to as this by [executive producer] Hayden Schlossberg. Within Season 4, it makes for tremendous humour as well as increased drama.”

“I was glad Johnny and Daniel found common ground and aligned themselves at the end of Season 3,” said Johnny Lawrence actor Zabka.

My friend's enemy is my enemy.” It's a fantastic note to end on and an excellent starting point for the rest of the storey.”

The Hollywood Reporter spoke with co-creator Josh Heald about how the new dynamic will play out in the next instalment. “Season 4 follows the series' idea of what happens when these guys get involved in each other's lives and get under each other's skin. We've seen debates, consequences and reactions, and overreactions, and now we're approaching a phase where they're laying down their weapons and looking at each other, accepting the challenge in front of them with [head teacher John] Kreese, and attempting to grow as adults and leaders. It's also a significant turning moment for them as performers and personalities since it begins to add different colours to their arrangement that aren't just “I hate you, I hate you.” We've finally reached the end of the first phase of their relationship.”

The upcoming season appears to hold a lot of promise for two characters in particular. “Sam and Tory are two of our favourite characters in the show, and their rivalry is a new one for both of them,” said co-creator Jon Hurwitz. “We're excited to watch how Season 4 unfolds because there was no love lost between those two at the end of Season 3 and there will be a lot more between them going forward. We believe this is a pivotal season for both of those characters.” Is this the final season of Cobra Kai?

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Cobra Kai Fans can Celebrate, because Netflix has ordered Season 5 of the Show

According to Hurwitz, who previously told Collider, “In our thoughts, there's still a lot more storey to tell. We just wrapped Season 4 filming, and we're looking forward to doing a lot more in the future. So, while we can't say how many seasons we'll have, we can promise that we'll approach each one with enthusiasm and confidence.

We'll eventually talk to our Sony and Netflix pals and tell them, “We think this is probably around the time we should be slowing it down,” and hopefully they'll allow us that time. We'll have to wait and see.”

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The Release Date for the Fourth Season of Cobra Kai has been set

Season 4 of Cobra Kai was released on December 31. The ten episodes were all released at the same time.

Web Series Trailer for Cobra Kai Season 4