Clix Net Worth: How Much Money Has Clix Made Each Month?

Clix was born to American parents on January 7, 2005, in Connecticut, USA. His birth sign is Capricorn, and his real name is Cody Conrod.

He recently graduated from high school at an unidentified local educational facility. He certainly does not go to college because of his lucrative work.

His ancestry is American. He hasn't yet posted anything online about his parents or siblings. Despite his prominence on the internet, he doesn't like revealing his private details to the public.

He is single and has never been married. However, I dated at least one individual in the past.

Clix Wiki: Early Life

Clix was born in the New England state of Connecticut. He hasn't revealed much about his childhood and how he grew up.

clix net worth

Conor's father originally purchased him a gaming PC, but he had to pledge not to use it much. He also claimed that he initially began playing on his brother's PC, with Call of Duty Ghosts as his first game. He is still enrolled in school.

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Clix has kept his early life entirely private. Except for his closest friends and relatives, no one knows anything about his childhood.

Clix Wiki: Career

Clix mostly started his professional life on YouTube. He started his YouTube page on November 12, 2017, and on April 22, 2018, he uploaded his debut video. If you compared Fortnite to any other video game at the time, it was pretty popular.

Cody began playing the game as a result, and he quickly improved. Then, he began to capture and save his favorite gameplay moments. He used to create Fortnite montage videos by merging all the most delicate moments. But after he entered eSports, he began to gain popularity.

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In 2019, he became a professional Fornite player and joined Misfits Gaming. He has been able to perform exceptionally well in the tournaments. Additionally, he began posting videos of his game plays on his YouTube page. These videos started to receive thousands and then hundreds of views.

As the year ended, his channel saw exponential growth, and he had about 400k subscribers. That year, he qualified for the Fornite World Cup Finals and finished in 18th place to win $112,500.

Clix Net Worth

Clix has a $800,000 net worth (estimated). Twitch and esports are some of his primary revenue streams. He makes more money streaming on Twitch even though he is a professional esports player. He makes a tonne of money by utilizing the platform's capabilities. He makes money primarily from advertisements, donations, bits, etc.

clix net worth

Following that, he offers subscription tiers on his channel. He has 8,016 active paying members right now, according to Twitch Tracker. He thus makes at least $40,000 every month from subscribers alone. Not to mention, he occasionally does personal sponsorships.

Despite being well-known as an esports player, he has recently focused more on streaming and content development. Despite frequently competing in Fornite events, he earns considerably less. He has so far made more than $250,000 from tournaments.

Clix Net: Personal Life

Clix, aka Cody Conrod's parents, are divorced. His father's name is Scott Conrod, but he has yet to share anything about his mother, including her name.

However, he has stated on social media that he streams from his mother's house, and her connection is not very fast. Clix's father purchased his first gaming PC, and his brother gave him Call of Duty Ghosts as his first game.

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In terms of siblings, he has one older brother named Trevor Conrod. Trevor works as a personal trainer at Life weight Fitness Health Club. Clix and Trevor have posted photos of their teamwork and vacation together.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Money Has Clix Made?

What is Clix's Total Net Worth? The American Pro-gamer Has a Total Net Worth of $2.2 Million as of 2022. He receives most of His Money Through Twitch Subscribers and His Youtube Channel. Clix Currently Has 3.92 Million Twitch Followers and 1.88 Million Youtube Subscribers, All of Which Contribute to His Net Worth.

How Much Money Does Nrg Pay Clix Each Month?

Regardless, Clix's Revenues Were Believed to Be Over $100,000, Which Included His Nrg salary and his sponsorships. However, as Seen in the Video at the Bottom of This Page, Another Streamer Named Ron Plays Games Recently Stated That He Earns Around $300,000 Each Month.

Is Clix a Good Company?

Clix Capital Services is Rated 4.1 Out of 5 Based on 125 Employee Evaluations on Ambitionbox. Clix Capital Services is Well-known for Its Company Culture, Which Has Received a 4.0. However, Career Progression is Rated the Lowest at 3.6 and Can Be Improved.