Clifton Powell Jr Net Worth 2022: Who Is He Dating Currently?

Sun Valley, California is the place where Clifton Powell Jr. was born on the 5th of May 1997. He was educated and trained at the local high school and the College of America, where he was a student.

Clifton Powell Jr. is Sasha Obama's latest love interest. Barack Obama, the 44th President of the United States, was his father. It's just recently that Sasha, who's 20 years old, has developed feelings for Clifton Powell Jr., the 24-year-old son of famed actor Clifton Powell, a.k.a. “Ray.”

Clifton Powell Jr.'s professional basketball career officially began in 2016 when he signed with the Los Angeles Clippers. He is widely regarded as one of the best young basketball players in the United States.


Sasha Obama Net Worth 2022: Which Actor Is She Dating?

Sasha Obama Net Worth 2022: Which Actor Is She Dating?

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His initial short stories were based on a brief history of Powell Jr.'s life up until the time he graduated from college. With the release of his first short pieces, Powell Jr. began his literary career. He also had his own personal website, which he kept up to date with regularity and described himself as a commercial director. On his website, he explains how he became interested in filmmaking and visual storytelling and how he got started.

Clifton Powell jr net worth

Aside from how quickly he can throw fires and control them, he is impressed by his ability to adapt to different situations and settings. When it comes to leading people, Powell Jr. is on the verge of mastering his craft. In addition to working on one of his father's businesses, he has created video material for Peloton and Nike.

Net Worth of Clifton Powell Jr

Powell Jr.'s net worth is still unclear due to the fact that he is just starting out in the business world. A number of Powell Jr.'s father's films have included Powell Jr.'s father, for example, Menace II Society, Why Do Fools Fall in Love, and Dead Presidents. On his son's 24th birthday in May, his proud father penned a letter to him in which he said: “You revolutionized my life and you continue to provide me so much joy…”


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A well-known American actor, Clifton Powell has been in hundreds of films since his debut in a 1980s film in which he portrayed the main character. A net worth of $5 million is possible for him, allowing him to enjoy a comfortable life for himself and his family, including his son Powell, Jr.

Personal Life

Sasha Obama, Barak Obama’s daughter, and he have become pals, which has gotten him a lot of attention recently.

Reports state that Powell Junior met Sasha sometime after she transferred to the University of Southern California in the fall of 2021. Sasha and Powell Jr. are said to have been close friends. The University of Michigan had previously served as her primary educational institution for two years.
However, despite the fact that they were seen for the first time together earlier this week, there is little information available about when they first met or began hanging out together.

Sasha and her paparazzi photographer were spotted smiling and holding hands on a stroll with her 6-foot-5 lover. On the other side of the spectrum, Powell Jr. was dressed more casually but yet maintained her excitement by pairing her outfit with a baseball cap, pants, and an open-necked tee.

The Obamas appear to have already given Powell Jr. their blessing! It was first lady Michelle Obama who made Sasha's connection with her boyfriend public knowledge.

“The Jonas Brothers were a favorite of [Malia and Sasha].” “Now they're bringing adult males home,” the 58-year-old former first lady said on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” The narrator recalls a time when music was dominated by pop acts. They now have boyfriends and are living normal lives.”

Who Is Clifton Powell Jr Dating?

Her mother, former First Lady Michelle Obama, revealed that her daughter, 20, is seeing Clifton Powell Jr., and the two were spotted out and about in West Hollywood on April 19.

Clifton Powell jr net worth

Sasha Powell, the daughter of Ray actor Clifton Powell, was seen walking behind the writer-director. She was wearing a pink and purple shirt with a lilac tiered skirt.

At one point, an eyewitness said that the pair was “very loved up,” characterizing them as “inseparable,” “always smiling,” and “inseparable.”

The observer went on to say, “He looked to be protective of her.” Sasha's family isn't the only one who has been fortunate in love.

By Michelle's account, her 23-year-old daughter, Malia Obama, is supposed to be in a romantic relationship of her own.

This month, Michelle said of her two adult children during an interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show: “Now, they have boyfriends and true lives.” In our presence, they've matured and are doing well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is Clifton Powell Jr Father?

As a supporting actor, Clifton Powell has been nominated for an NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture three times, including for Ray, for which he got a nomination.

What Does Clifton Powell Jr Do for a Living?

As a result, he's currently employed in the film industry.

Since “making his jump into the narrative writing world” after graduation, Powell Jr. currently works as a commercial director, according to his website.”

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