Clean Sweep Season 2 Release Date: Why Shelly Committed Crime?

Sundance TV and ZDF studio has brought an action thriller drama, Clean Sweep which is highly anticipated. This Irish drama brimming with plot twists, heartfelt emotions, and cat-mouse chases. Since season 1 has left us with various questions season 2 has been greatly anticipated. Gary Tieche has portrayed brilliantly the story of women.

It will premiere on  RTÉ in Ireland and on Sundance Now in the United States. Clean Sweep revolving the story around Shelly Mohan who committed a crime in the past. Now, the audience is wondering when the next season will be released. When will Clean Sweep Season 2 be released? To get an answer to this question keep reading the article till the end.

When Will the Show Be Released?

The show’s first season came out in 2023 on the 26th of January. But the production has not announced the release date of Clean Sweep season 2 yet. It is expected that viewers can the next show in 2024. The show becoming available to watch online is something that has yet to be decided.

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As a result of the fact that the show has yet to return, there currently needs to be more information available regarding the date or time of its release. Please make it a habit to check back on our website frequently for up-to-date information regarding the airing date and time of the show.

What is the Storyline of Clean Sweep?

The story goes in different directions. The narrative focuses on a woman who is a mother to three children and whose husband is a detective but suddenly she finds herself in a situation where she must answer for a crime she committed in the past. Her spouse is now in charge of leading the inquiry into the matter.

The action then proceeds in this manner when precisely the second season of Clean Sweep becomes available to watch online that is something yet to be decided. Gradually through the investigation of the crime conducted, it has been seen that Jason's partner Fiona suspects Shelly as to their expectation a fingerprint is found which leads them to one more new witness and the case continues to be processed through the investigation we need to wait to watch the next season to know what happens next.

How Many Episodes Are There in the Series?

The show’s first season has a total of five episodes. This makes the first season very short and to the point. In addition, the show portrays the story of Shelly Mohan, a housewife, and mother of three children. But a time comes when a man from her past contacts her, and to her bad luck, she commits a crime.

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Is There Any Official Trailer?

The show is yet to come back with its next season. The show is on vacation, so something has yet to be known about the trailer’s release. The show came up with its first season just a few days back, so we can expect the second season to be much delayed.

Which Characters Will You See in Clean Sweep?

Fans are eagerly waiting for the upcoming season but the show’s second season has yet to be confirmed for its renewal. Therefore, the cast and crew of the show are yet to be announced. Until further official updates are shared, we cannot share details regarding the show with you.

It is expected that most characters who were in episode 1, will come in Episode 2; instead, Some of the characters will add in season 2. So all other updates will be duly shared over here. Hence keep yourself on track, buddies.

Derek Rhys Mannion
Shelly Mohan Charlene McKenna
Niall Mohan Aidan McCann
Caitlin Mohan Katelyn Rose Downey
Matt Wilson Trevor Kaneswaran
Grace Collender Doireann Carrick
Barry Ward Jason Mohan
Detective Baxter Youssef Quinn

Where Can You Watch the Show?

The show Clean Sweep, which has come out only with one season so far, is available on Netflix and Roku Device. Buy your subscription and enjoy the show with your friends, and near and dear ones. All you need to have is a subscription on your device.

How Many Ratings of Clean Sweep?

The show Clean Sweep has still not received any ratings on any platforms like IMDb & RottenTomatoes. The show was released in January on the 26th, but to date, the show has yet to gain any ratings. For further details about the show and its ratings, visit our website, where we will share every detail with other updates.

Is the ShowClean Sweep  Worth Watching?

The show has yet to earn such ratings or reviews from any viewers. Nevertheless, a detailed examination of the show’s plot reveals that the story is quite relevant. The show is not worth viewing, but you can watch it if you want something to do in your spare time.

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