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A Bit About Clarkson's Farm: Watch as Jeremy Clarkson makes an effort to manage a farm in the country. The worst farming weather in decades, unruly animals, unresponsive crops, and an unanticipated epidemic are all challenges faced by Jeremy, who has no prior farming expertise.

Quick Facts About Clarkson's Farm

First episode date: June 11, 2021
Genre: Documentary
Network: Amazon Prime Video
Language: English
Narrated by: Jeremy Clarkson
Program creator: Jeremy Clarkson
Final episode date: 2021
Clarkson's Farm Season 1 Release Date: June 11, 2021

When Will We Get Clarkson's Farm Season 2?

The second season of Clarkson's Farm was officially announced in July 2021, and production began immediately.

Clarksons Farm Season 2

  • Dan Grabiner, the Director of UK Originals at Amazon Studios, commented on the announcement: “Jeremy's uncensored love letter to farming can be found in Clarkson's Farm.
  • The show's genuineness, charm, and humor, along with the fantastic farm people, have made it a phenomenal success with viewers.”
  • The announcement was confirmed in a joint video by Jeremy and his right-hand man, Kaleb Cooper.
  • Filming started and lasted for an entire year, ending in July 2022. Clarkson corroborated this, noting the production time while showcasing the brand-new ponds he dug on Instagram.
  • When a curious viewer enquired, “Any news on season two?” Jeremy answered: “Mid-July sees the end of filming. So, early in the new year, it should be edited and ready to go.”

Expect a release date in 2023, closer to the first part of the year, depending on how lengthy post-production takes. When we find out for sure, we'll let you know.

Clarkson's Farm Season 2 Plot: What is It About?

There never seems to be a dull moment on a farm, especially one run by Jeremy Clarkson.

Clarksons Farm Season 2

  • Jeremy said I'd owned the farm since 2008 but hadn't been active with it before the show debuted. It was formerly run by a villager who later retired. I'm not sure why I suddenly thought I could take over.
  • “I honestly believed that after planting seeds, food would grow due to the weather. I assumed it wouldn't be difficult, but it is challenging, the heartache is incredible, and it is also extraordinarily poorly paid. I reasoned that some of the losses would be compensated if I could find someone to record me doing it.
  • Well, he's discovered that farming involves more than just sowing seeds.
  • The coronavirus epidemic caused turmoil in production and farming during the first season, which was initially scheduled to film for more than a year.
  • An unexpected twist was captured on camera as Jeremy was brutally honest about the farm's financial situation. The lockdown had a terrible impact on agricultural progress and the farm's capacity to produce a profit.
  • The weather also had a significant role, with prolonged periods of dryness making it impossible to churn the soil and prolonged periods of rain making the mud too wet and soggy to use for anything.

But despite the difficulties, the group managed to pull it off.

Clarkson's Farm Season 2 Cast: Who's in it?

Confirmed! Alongside Clarkson, the Diddly Squat Farm team is back for more rural mischief.

  • Jeremy Clarkson will undoubtedly once again take center stage in the season. Without him, it would be a little strange. After all, this is Clarkson's Farm.
  • But Kaleb Cooper, the farmhand, and the de facto right-hand guy, was undoubtedly the show's biggest star. The nation was won over by the youngster's desire for a perm, hatred of driving in London, and self-assurance in yelling at the well-known television host.
  • Kaleb is frequently the most knowledgeable about daily life on Diddly Squat. He enjoys living in the country and dislikes the city, providing amusing back-and-forth conversations with the illiterate and city-loving Jeremy.
  • After the show's success, the young farmer said on This Morning, “I'm the boss,”
  • “Do not misunderstand; he is both my boss and a buddy. He ignores me, but on the plus side, he is interested in farming, which makes things much simpler. Because of this, whenever he makes a mistake, I yell at him and am genuinely enraged.”
  • It will be interesting to see how the farmer's helper who works for Clarkson has been doing during the interim between seasons one and two. If Clarkson's words at the time are any indication, conditions on the farm may have been quite tricky.
  • The Who Wants to be a Millionaire host raised concerns about young farmers like Kaleb being driven off the land due to the government's disregard for the farming business, which he compares to “ethnic cleansing,” in an interview with The Sun.
  • He's up against hedge-fund managers now who may not want to cultivate it, said Clarkson, who added: “Kaleb's terrific, but it worries me how he'll ever be able to buy his farm.”
  • Clarkson is urging the government to pledge that Britain will maintain a minimum of 60% food self-sufficiency. Additionally, he is urging people to purchase British goods, arguing that they are higher-quality and more environmentally friendly than imported goods.
  • “A piece of meat with a small red tractor on it that you purchase from a grocery store was likely made in Britain. Purchase it because a poor sap in the Peak District was out raising in the cold at three in the morning.”
  • Even though locally produced goods occasionally cost more, he advises consumers not to be put off.
  • “I encourage [readers] to consider, ‘All right, it's 5p extra to buy this pork with a red tractor on it, but I'm getting better food and aiding British farming,'” the author writes.
  • Lisa Hogan, Jeremy's longtime girlfriend and manager of the Diddly Squat Farm Shop, will join the group.
  • Additionroup will have a land agent, “Cheerful” Charlie Ire, to control Jeremy and the group's land.
  • It appears that Clarkson's enormous tractor will also make a comeback. Where did we learn this? Well, as a result of the arrival of first-look pictures to whet viewers' appetites.

A helicopter has joined the tractor as a new companion. While the context is still unknown, we are confident that Kaleb will be involved.

Is There Any Clarkson's Farm Season 2 Trailer?

There is an official trailer for Clarkson's Farm season two.

  • The farm now has its own Instagram account, and Jeremy frequently updates his social media accounts.
  • We can all agree that the kind of nutritional content we desire from this series happened when Kaleb acquired some new farm equipment in May 2022.
  • Arya and Sansa, two dogs, have been adopted by the family and have been making their beer.
  • Jeremy first revealed his plans to expand the farm in January 2022, adding a 70-space parking lot and a 60-seat cafe. The council, however, turned down his motion after receiving 53 objections in total vs. just 12 letters of favor.
  • Because the cafe would be “out of keeping” with the surrounding Cotswolds area, designated as an Outstanding Natural Beauty, the West Oxon District Council denied approval (AONB).
  • According to Joan Desmond, a council planning officer, the proposed construction “would not be sustainable and would not be acceptable or consistent in scale with the existing farming business or its open countryside site” because of its siting, design, scale, and location.

According to her, the proposed development will negatively impact the rural character, scenic beauty, and tranquility of the area.


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