Netflix’s Clark Review: Is This Swedish Series Worth Watching?

When television shows and movies about infamous criminals are told from the anecdotes and points of view of those criminals, the stories and films are far more engaging.

The new Netflix series Clark wouldn't be nearly as good if it weren't told from an exaggerated version of the real-life Clark Olofsson's point of view, just as Goodfellas wouldn't be as interesting if it weren't told from Henry Hill's point of view.

In the same way that Goodfellas was told from Hill's point of view.

Opening Shot

A statement made by Clark Olofsson may be paraphrased as follows: “If I can't be the greatest of the best, at least I can be the best of the worst.”


The Gist

Clark review

The “truths and falsehoods” from the biography of Olofsson, based on which the limited series Clark is based, were used to create the show, Clark. After Clark was born in 1947, the camera then panned inside his laboring mother's uterus, where it showed Clark when he was still a fetus.

The voice of an older Clark, played by Bill Skarsgard, explains, “I didn't enjoy being told what to do, so I lingered in there as long as I could until it was time.”

things that he's gotten himself involved with, the majority of them are unlawful. He claims, “I never performed an honest day's work, but I always had money.” [Case in point] Because he was a minor, he was almost always sentenced to time in juvenile jail, but he never let it affect him or change his behavior in any way. When he becomes 18, he has already begun robbing, partying, and engaging in copious amounts of sexual activity.

After being involved in an accident in which he literally came back from the dead — the car had been stolen, and he had punched a police officer — Clark and his friends break out of jail and go to the beach.

There, Clark meets a wealthy single mother named Liz (Malin Levanon) and her daughter Marie, who goes by the nickname “Madu” (Isabelle Grill). He deceives them into letting him remain with them, at which time he takes Madu's virginity and has wild sex with Liz.

After that, he begins plotting a major theft with his close friend Gunnar (Emil Algpeus). But the police caught them in the middle of stealing a sporting goods store in order to buy supplies; Gunnar panicked and shot one of the police officers.

Even though he is on the run, he takes the time to stop and apologize to Madu, whom he claims is the first love of his life, for lying.

Now, he is a cop murderer, and despite the fact that he is on the run, he does this. Surprisingly, she does not abandon his company once police investigator Tommy Lindstrom has successfully apprehended him (Vilhelm Blomgren).

What Shows Will It Remind You Of?

Clark review

Clark provides us the same feeling as the movie does due to the fact that he is able to get out of trouble based only on his good looks and charming personality.

Our Take

Clark is a film that was produced and directed by Jonas Okerlund, and it approaches the topic with the appropriate balance of reverence and contempt. The majority of the time, Clark's deeds are seen as little more than humorous antics.

It's true that he's not exactly committing crimes with no victims, but most of his misdeeds are quite minor, and he seems to accept his punishments with a shrug and an acknowledgment that they're simply part of being a delinquent in today's society.

Olofsson was a participant in the bank heist that took place in 1973 and was where the term “Stockholm syndrome” was originally developed. It is unknown whether or not Olofsson's charisma had a role in the hostages' decision to side with their captors during that incident. However, after viewing the pilot episode, it is not an unreasonable assumption to have such a belief.

Clark review

Despite the fact that Clark takes advantage of everyone he encounters, Okerlund is portraying Clark as a sympathetic figure. In series like this, the writers occasionally straddle the narrow line between having the criminal appear like too much of a hero and making the criminal look like the right kind of hero.

Even if he might seem to charm his way into the heart of someone like Madou, we are glad that Clark is being portrayed for what he really is, which is a generally evil man who has a lot of charisma.

If we continue to follow Clark's adventures over the decades and Lindstrom's pursuit of him, we'll be able to determine whether or not he develops into more of a hero. Given that the program is based on Clark's own overblown claims, we are crossing our fingers that the hero worship remains at the same levels that it is at now in the show.

WATCH IT. Despite the fact that Clark dabbles a bit too much in portraying Clark Olofsson as a hero, the book is nonetheless enjoyable and provides an interesting glimpse at how Olofsson perceived his life, regardless of whether the anecdotes are real or not.