Chumlee’s Weight Loss: How Did the Pawn Star Shed 160 Lbs?

Austin Russell, famously known as Chumlee, captured the hearts of television viewers as the lovable and affable pawn shop employee on the reality show “Pawn Stars.” Beyond his comedic charm and unique personality, Chumlee has undergone a significant transformation that has left fans in awe—a remarkable journey towards weight loss.

In this article, we explore Chumlee's inspiring transformation, shedding light on the motivations behind his decision and the methods he employed to achieve his weight-loss success.

Who is Chumlee?

Chumlee is a reality TV celebrity and businessman who rose to prominence after appearing on the History Channel TV show Pawn Stars in 2009. The show followed his daily activities at his job at the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas.

 Chumlee won viewers over with his captivating charm and sense of humor, making him the show's breakout character. Taking advantage of the show's popularity, he launched his own business, selling unique novelty items he designed. 

He even created a sweets shop near the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop in 2017. He did, however, suffer legal issues and felony charges during his career, gaining media attention. Later in 2021, the 160-kg Pawn star underwent gastric sleeve surgery to lose weight, resulting in additional media coverage.

Chumlee's Weight Loss Journey

Chumlee explained that he was fed up with fighting with his weight and determined to make a change when he hit 350 pounds.

He began making lifestyle modifications in September 2013 and lost 75 pounds (34 kg) in a year. He worked out six days a week, ate more juice and vegetables, and avoided red meat.

Chumlee’s Weight Loss

This shift was prompted by his father's death from pancreatic cancer right before the launch of Pawn Stars. With his new diet, he was able to ride his hovercraft, which had a weight limit of 250 lb (110 kg). 

He later gained weight, reaching 350 pounds (160 kilograms) in January 2019. After struggling for years to live a better lifestyle, he chose gastric sleeve surgery at Blossom Bariatrics in Las Vegas to drop 160 lb (73 kg) by October 2021.

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Chumlee has maintained a healthy weight of 190 pounds throughout his weight loss adventure and prioritizes clean eating, exercise, and having a solid support system. His metamorphosis is an example for many who are struggling with their weight.

 Although eating and drinking were important to his existence, he managed to lose roughly 160 pounds. Despite the fact that he has recently acquired some weight, he finds the journey to be worthwhile.

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