Christine Brown Dating: Is She Currently Dating Someone?

Christine Brown is going through some exciting changes. The reality TV star has been talking about her life and plans before the season 17 premiere of Sister Wives.

The mother of six has been through many changes in the last year, and she's looking forward to more, especially in her love life. Christine wants to date again someday, but she said in a recent interview that she's not ready for that yet.

Christine Brown Will Date Again but Not Just Yet

After Christine Brown left her troubled marriage to Kody Brown, Sister Wives fans have been rooting for her. They were happy that she had finally moved back to Utah, as she had wanted, and was now the star of a TLC cooking show on the web.

Christine Brown Dating

They want the mother of six to find one more thing: they want her to find love. Christine Brown wants the same thing but is not in a hurry to see her next great love. People sat with Christine to talk about her life and what had happened since she left Arizona.

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She said she would like to date again but isn't ready for it yet. The thing she wants is love. It will happen in the future, but things will look different this time.

Christine Brown Has Closed the Door on Polygamy

Christine decided to leave her polygamist marriage and is now living alone. She said there would be love in her future, but she looks pretty set on how she wants her next relationship to go. Christine always said she wanted to be a “third wife,” even before her marriage started to fall apart.

She got what she wanted, but it didn't work out as planned. Now that she has six kids, the mother knows what she doesn't like. She doesn't want to date more than one man at a time.

Christine Brown Dating

Christine told People during a sit-down interview that she no longer believes in the idea and doesn't want to share a romantic partner again. She told People, “From now on, I'll only be with one person.”

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Christine doesn't seem to have any potential dates, so she'll be looking for a one-woman man. Christine's adult children have chosen monogamous relationships, as have all of Kody's adult children with Meri Brown and Janelle Brown.

The “Sister Wives” Star is Also Going Through Other Big Changes

Christine Brown isn't just thinking about romance when she looks to the future. Christine is branching out, even though she is still on Sister Wives with her ex-husband and other ex-sister wives. Fans of Sister Wives think she's going to be famous.

Christine Brown Dating

The second season of her popular cooking show Cooking With Just Christine is almost here. The web-based cooking show will start again on September 11, the same day Season 17 of Sister Wives starts.