Who is Olivia Culpo? Meet Christian McCaffrey’s Girlfriend and Fiancée!

Christian McCaffrey and the San Francisco 49ers have advanced to the Super Bowl in 2024. Although many people are familiar with Christian McCaffrey, there is much more to discover about his girlfriend, Olivia Culpo. So who is Olivia Culpo, Christian McCaffrey's girlfriend?

Who is Christian McCaffrey's girlfriend?

Christian McCaffrey is engaged to Olivia Culpo, who became famous in 2012 after winning the Miss Universe contest. Following her pageant career, she became a social media influencer and secured roles in films such as I Feel Pretty, The Other Woman, and American Satan.

She participated in TLC's reality show The Culpo Sisters in 2022, alongside her siblings Sophia and Aurora. A year later, she competed as the UFO on Season 9 of The Masked Singer.

Before starting a relationship with McCaffrey, Culpo dated Nick Jonas from 2013 to 2015. She eventually went on to NFL player Danny Amendola, whom she dated intermittently between 2016 and 2018.

Who is Olivia Culpo?

Olivia Culpo was born in Cranston, Rhode Island, to parents Peter and Susan Culpo. Despite being up in Cranston's Edgewood area, she is of Italian origin with some Irish ancestry on her mother's side. Olivia Culpo has built a name for herself based on her beauty.

Christian McCaffrey's girlfriend

Olivia Culpo won the Miss USA title in June 2012. She went on to win the Miss Universe beauty pageant the following year, in December. Olivia has since been actively involved in Miss Universe. She has returned to the pageant as a co-host on multiple occasions, most recently for the 2023 contest in El Salvador.

Olivia Culpo, who won Miss Universe, has positioned herself as one of today's most prominent influencers and models. Her influence helped her land the cover of Sports Illustrated's swimsuit issue in 2020. But it isn't it. She is more than just a model or influencer.

Olivia Culpo is a multitalented personality with a large social media following and a successful modeling career. She is also an outstanding actress, having appeared in several action films. Aside from her film career, she has become quite popular on television, with major performances in shows such as Paradise City and others.

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In terms of height, Christian McCaffrey and Olivia Culpo have similar stature. Christian McCaffrey stands 5 feet, 11 inches tall. His girlfriend, Olivia Culpo, stands 5 feet, 7 inches tall. They both seem cute standing next to each other.

How did Christian McCaffrey and Olivia Culpo meet?

McCaffrey and Culpo began dating in June 2019, after they were introduced by mutual friends. On their third anniversary, Culpo reflected on how they met, admitting that she “was not looking for a relationship” at the time.

“When my best friends Kristen and Tyler contacted me and asked if I would be willing to meet their friend, Christian, I was hesitant. “I was worried it would be the same old story all over again and that all guys were the same,” she said in a June 2022 Instagram post.

Christian McCaffrey's girlfriend

“Although my expectations were modest, I realized I couldn't isolate myself and make judgments based on fear. … I'm very grateful for the inner voice that told me to give love another try.

You are the yin to my yang, embodying power through humility. Thank you for being my rock and helping to restore my trust in love. “You are everything I ever wished for and more.”

When will Christian and Olivia get married?

Culpo and McCaffrey have not publicly announced their wedding date, although Culpo did say in an Instagram Q&A that it will take place somewhere over the summer. McCaffrey revealed before Super Bowl LVIII that his fiancée was managing much of the wedding planning while he prepared for the big game.

“She's steering the ship when it comes to anything wedding-related right now,” he remarked at a February 2024 press conference. “I provide feedback as necessary, but her style is incredible, and everything she wants, I also like, but it's going well.

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I'm very fortunate to have someone like her who not only supports me in the manner she does but also handles all of that and allows me to do what I love at the moment while she continues to work on her job.”

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