Chrisfix Face Reveal: Why He Hides His Face Under Helmet?

ChrisFix is a YouTuber best known for his car repair videos. His videos have been seen over 1.5 billion times and he has over 8.9 million subscribers. But there is one thing ChrisFix does not want you to know: his appearance. ChrisFix usually hides his face behind a mask or a sweatshirt in his films. So, what motivates him to do this? Continue reading to know more!

Who Is ChrisFix?

ChrisFix is an American YouTuber who was born on July 4, 1996, in Tennent, New Jersey. His YouTube channel is the world's largest car DIY channel. He built a YouTube channel about car repair that people could use to save money or start as a hobby.

He releases his step-by-step videos every 10 days. His primary goal is to respond to how-to questions. His YouTube channel has 9.7 million followers. ChrisFix's YouTube channel received both a Silver and a Gold Creator Award.

Did ChrisFix Unmask His Face?

No, not just now. ChrisFix has yet to reveal his real name or face. However, he appeared in an interview but sat with his head down for 10 minutes. He does not show his face in his videos. He has been active on YouTube since 2018, and his DIY vehicle repair videos have received recognition.

The dude has a significant YouTube following with 9.7 million subscribers. When he was asked to reveal his face, one of his followers stated that the video content was most likely more important than his face, and he had reacted correctly, which is correct. His followers, on the other hand, are eager to get to know him better.

How Did ChrisFix Rise to Prominence?

ChrisFix decided to establish a YouTube channel while at Rutgers University to share his enthusiasm for oceanography and technology with the rest of the world. He began by uploading fishing movies with his friends but quickly transitioned to auto-maintenance videos as a fun way to help others.


Furthermore, he chose the channel name ChrisFix, a pun on his childhood nickname. In 2015, the track began to attract a large number of viewers who wanted to learn how to work on their cars and gain new abilities. At this point, ChrisFix had decided to make YouTube his full-time job.

He has consistently uploaded videos to his YouTube channel and broadcast them on various social media sites since opting to work on YouTube full-time.

How Much ChrisFix Earn From YouTube?

ChrisFix appears to value his privacy more than revealing it to others. Even in his DIY videos, ChrisFix has never disclosed his face. He desires that his content be more admired than his face. His identity, as well as his face, has remained hidden. ChrisFix, a YouTuber, has been concealing his identity for almost 14 years.

The specialized DIY vehicle repair YouTuber has made a considerable chunk of money via YouTube. ChrisFix's net worth is estimated to be $6 million. His principal source of revenue is his creative work on his official YouTube account.

Until recently, the YouTuber has made a fortune from his social media business. With his million-dollar properties, he may be leading a high-profile existence.

Why is ChrisFix Not Showing His Face?

The crucial point is that the guy who never shows his face has more views and subscribers than all of the automotive Yotubers combined, indicating that it is the content that matters, not the introduction. He is more well-known than Scotty Kilmer and EricTheCarGuy.

Furthermore, since 2018, he has been creating and posting films for which he is paid on a regular basis. He has also instructed his followers on how to use the used car checklist and equipment. On December 4, 2022, he also launched his book How to Change a Flat Tire Paperback.

The man's career and achievements are constantly rising, yet he refuses to reveal his face. Perhaps this is one of the reasons for his devoted following. They can't wait to see his face.

ChrisFix Car'sCollection

It's no surprise that ChrisFix has some very fine automobiles for someone who makes a job repairing cars. He is the proud owner of a Mercedes-Benz S550, a Porsche 911 Turbo S, and a McLaren 570S.


We're not sure how many automobiles ChrisFix owns, but we know it's more than eight. He's said he likes to “flip” cars, which means he buys them, patches them up, and then sells them for a profit. And we can't blame him for wanting to flaunt his vehicles.

After all, they are among the world's most expensive and elegant automobiles. However, we can see why he does not want to disclose his face.

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