Release Date for “Choose or Die”: When Do You Expect It to Arrive?

The official trailer for the upcoming British horror flick Choose or Die (formerly known as CURS>R) has been released by Netflix. The trailer for the film, which shows a frenzied life-or-death game with a distinct Black Mirror flavor, is now available online.

Choose or Die, Toby Meakins' feature film debut, tells the story of a penniless college student who enters a competitive survival computer game from the 1980s in the hopes of winning the alluring $125,000 prize money.

Choose or Die
Choose or Die

Things quickly deteriorate, though, as the game begins to resemble reality, compelling her to make scary decisions or risk death to survive. In the film, we see Kayla, played by Iola Evans, realize that the game may have an impact on the surrounding world, which has devastating consequences for her and her friends.

Her laptop stays open, and she makes many efforts to close it, but she is powerless to stop the process. Kayla is forced to make a decision: choose or perish, as the saying goes. Several other characters appear to become aware of the game's enigmatic capacity to change reality during the teaser.

Choose or Die
Choose or Die

Kayla's romantic interest, Isaac, is played by Asa Butterfield (Sex Education) and is one of the players who discovers that his words are being repeated on the screen exactly as he says them in the game.

What the Choose or Die Story Is About?

Choose or Die
Choose or Die

It's past time to confront the fundamental question: What exactly is the premise of “Choose or Die?” Let's start with a brief overview of the upcoming film provided by Netflix, which includes the following important details:

Do not be misled, there is a bit more to it than that, do not misunderstand.

In the film, Kayla, portrayed by Iola Evans, is a poor college student who is fighting to make ends meet while caring for her ailing mother. While searching for the reward, she comes into a long-forgotten 1980s video game called “CURS>R,” which has an unknown prize pool of $125,000 for anyone who can complete the game.

Things, however, are not so straightforward, and after enlisting the assistance of her friend Isaac (Asa Butterfield), the two find themselves trapped in a life-or-death game in which they must compete not only for the prize money but also for their very lives.

Choose or Die
Choose or Die

As a result of the film's reality-bending premise, this is a fascinating notion that will almost likely explore video game clichés and themes while simultaneously driving up the dread and fear levels of the audience. Honestly, retro is rather hot right now, and returning the game's focus to the video game-obsessed 1980s is a simple way to take the game's victory.

While it is unclear whether or not we will see allusions to other classic '80s games, it appears as though there will be plenty of opportunities to include as many geeky references as possible in the game. The fact that “Choose or Die” will be made available instantly means that you won't be forced to wait long to receive your first glance.

The Cast and the Creators: Choose or Die

Choose or Die
Choose or Die
  • Joe Bolland is an American football player who now plays for the Los Angeles Lakers of the National Basketball Association.
  • Toby Meakins is in charge of the overall direction of the production.
  • The author of this work is Simon Allen, who lives in the UK.
  • Iola Evans is a model and actress who works in the fashion industry.
  • Asa Butterfield is a writer and actor from the United Kingdom who has been in several films.
  • A Hollywood actor Eddie Marsan is best recognized for his appearances in films such as The Dark Knight Rises and The Dark Knight Rises II
  • Robert Englund is a well-known actor who has been in several films.
  • Ryan Gage is a young man from a small town in the United States who grew up in a small community.
  • Kate Fleetwood is a British actress who is best known for her performance in the film The Great Gatsby. She was born in London and raised in the United Kingdom.
  • Angela Griffin is an American actress and singer who is best known for her portrayal of Angela Griffin in the film Angela Griffin. She was born in New York City and raised in Los Angeles.

When Is It Scheduled to Arrive?

Choose or Die
Choose or Die

Choose or Die will be released on Netflix on April 15, 2022, according to the company's stated release date.

When and Where Can It Be Viewed?

Choose or Die
Choose or Die

On April 15, 2022, “Choose or Die,” an original Netflix series, will premiere. That's only a few short weeks away from today. The forthcoming retro-styled horror film, on the other hand, has been in development for quite some time.

“CURS>R” was the original title of the film, which was derived from the name of the fatal computer game on which it was based. Netflix purchased the film last year at Cannes for “high seven figures” in exchange for the rights to broadcast it on their website.

This year's forthcoming British horror film, directed by Toby Meakins, was shot entirely in London and is scheduled to be released in April of 2021.

The producer John Zois described Toby as “a visionary in the horror genre, possessing a natural gift for both original narrative and the stark, frightening palettes he generates on-screen.”

Choose or Die
Choose or Die

For more than two decades, Toby has been a trailblazer in the horror genre, displaying an innate aptitude for both innovative narrative and the stark, eerie palettes he creates on screen. To provide horror fans with something unique and amazing, Simon, Toby, and Matt have labored tirelessly for months.

In addition, the vintage setting, which was inspired by the nostalgia-fueled atmosphere of “Stranger Things” and other such episodes, provides a different layer to the experience.

The writer and co-producer Matthew James Wilkinson expressed his delight at the prospect of working on such a creative and horrifying premise as CURS>R, which “twisted current horror to set our hero against '80s nostalgia.”

So, what is in store for our two predestined partners on this journey? Take a look at what we've got here…


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Trailer: Choose or Die

For a chance to earn money, Kayla (Evans), a young programmer in dire need of money, plays a choice-based vintage game. Alternatively, as the game's ability to modify reality is proved through its stages, which are loaded with awful possibilities and humanity determined to do everything to survive, things rapidly deteriorate on the opposite side.

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