Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers Review- Cast | Tim Robinson ‘Sonic’ In It?

Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers Review: Chip n' Dale: Rescue Rangers is perhaps the most fun you'll have viewing a movie all year if you're a major animation enthusiast.

Of course, because it went directly to streaming; you'll be viewing it on your couch rather than at a theatre; but that won't matter: Chip n' Dale: Rescue Rangers will make you laugh out loud the entire time.

While the film has many parallels to the original Rescue Rangers show; the two have little in common in terms of tone: the show is a kid-friendly adventure show; whereas the film is a buddy action comedy picture with pop culture references.

It's not what you'd anticipate from a Chip &' Dale revival, but it's better in many respects.

Disney could have easily gone for a safe bet with a fun but forgettable adventure film like The Rescuers, but they chose to take a chance, and it paid off.

Let's start with the film's most compelling feature: its meta live-action/animated nature.

According to the principles of Who Framed Roger Rabbit; the film is set in a universe where cartoon characters are paid performers who happen to live in a live-action world where they interact and coexist with people.

Chip n' Dale, unlike Who Framed Roger Rabbit, relies largely on ironic comedy.

There are gags about various animation styles, bootleg animated movies, and even a few directed not only at the original Chip &' Dale program but also at a variety of other Disney products.

Disney hasn't been so brilliantly self-referential since Enchanted, and Disney hasn't been so referential to animation in general since Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

Simple name drops provide many of the film's biggest laughs – not to give anything away, but there are multiple references to both Disney and non-Disney properties that you'll find amusing.

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This is a highly amusing film with humor that you won't find anywhere else; culminating in one of the year's most memorable comedy films.

Is Chip And Dale For Kids?

Chip & Dale: Rescue Rangers is an entertaining film for children. Friendship, teamwork, violence, caring, and certain “flirting situations” are all fantastic.

Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers Review

Thankfully, the picture not only entertains but also has heart.

In a society where romance is the relationship that gets all the movies; songs; series; and books; any piece of media that chooses to focus on friendship instead is notable and appreciated.

Fortunately for Chip and Dale, their friendship is executed flawlessly.

The film establishes a fantastic bond between the two characters in the first three minutes alone; to the point where you might find yourself crying during the opening montage.

Of course, as the film progresses, we realize that it wasn't a perfect friendship and that their drifting away wasn't only due to the passage of time, but occurred throughout the film.

You're still passionate about these two. You want them to be friends again and forgive each other.

There are some genuine and beautiful moments in this picture, and it illustrates, like Sonic the Hedgehog 2, that a film about friendship can be just as emotionally gripping and satisfying as a film about romance.

Chip and Dale, for example, are both likable characters, as are all of the characters in this film; even the baddies – are individuals you want to spend your time with.

The voice actors all deliver excellent performances, with Andy Samberg as Dale and J.K. Simmons as Captain Putty standing out.

Overall, Chip n' Dale: Rescue Rangers is a must-see for every animation fan, as well as anyone who enjoys a good dose of meta-humor.

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There's a lot to admire about this movie: it's humorous, nostalgic, and, most importantly, it's done with a lot of love.

Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers Cast

Who Are Chip And Dale Rescue Rangers Based On?

Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers (TV series)
Created by Tad Stones Alan Zaslove
Based on Chip ‘n' Dale by Bill Justice

Chip and Dale are good candidates for a remake because they're a well-known Disney cartoon couple, even if you don't know their series or have any affection for them.

Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers Review

Plus, I can't think of any large fans that would be offended by it. All the more reason for a bromance, in which John Mulaney and Andy Samberg can play Chip and Dale, two estranged buddies who rejoin after their showbiz careers fizzle out when “Rescue Rangers” was canceled.

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This is a live-action reboot in the sense that Chip is a '90s hand-drawn version who now sells insurance, while Samberg's Dale has become a self-proclaimed hotshot after undergoing “CGI surgery.”