Chicago PD Season 10, Finally Episode 13 Air On NBC And Promo Of Next Episode 14 Is Out.

The 13th episode of Chicago PD season 10, the latest season of the crime-action crime drama series, directed by Benny Boom and  written by Gavin Harris.

When Chicago PD Season 10, Episode 13 Has Been Released?

The latest episode is now airing on NBC Channel on Wednesday, February 15, 2023, at 10 p.m. Eastern Time (ET).

Chicago P.D. Season 10 Episode 13 was supposed to be released on NBC on January 25, 2023. However, the show was on extended for two weeks, and the premiere of Episode 13 was rescheduled for February 8.

In the previous episode, Sean O'Neal called Detective Hailey Upton Halstead from prison and disclosed sensitive information. In Episode 12, titled I Can Let You Go, Upton continued to struggle with keeping O'Neal at bay while the team quickly moved to stop a crime before it was too late.

What Could Be Happened In The Episode 13,The Ghost In You, Chicago PD Season10

In this episode you can see how Voight and the team assist ASA Nina Chapman in her pursuit of a drug runner who escaped prison years ago after Chapman's informant mysteriously disappeared; but the investigation takes a turn when Voight unearths a damaging secret from Chapman's past.

Chicago PD Season 10 Episode 13

Recap Of Episode 12 “I Can Let You Go”

Hailey is still attempting to contact Halstead but has yet not received a response. Sean O'Neal keeps calling Hailey from county jail but Trudy informs Hailey that Sean called her at home because he wishes to speak with her and wants to inform her.

Hailey finally visits Sean, and he tells her about what people have told him while he's been in prison and informs her that a woman has been kidnapped. Then, Hailey investigates Samantha Beck, who Sean claims has gone missing.

When she arrives at the woman's house, see blood everywhere. She notices a boy named Callum sitting in one spot who claims that people left after taking his mother, saying that moving would cause the house to explode. but it was a laser box designed to make the child believe he's going to explode.

Chicago PD Season 10 Episode 12

Callum informs them about the men who kidnapped his mother. After that, Hailey returns to Sean for more information. In order to exchange weekly visits she offers to give everything he earns while in jail. They wire to get information from Parker about Beck's disappearance.

Sean discusses Abby and persuades Parker to discuss what he arranged with Samantha. They discover that the guys sent Samantha's father a video of her pleading for him, but he did not report it to the police. They're looking for a million dollars.

They figure out that the men who took Samantha sound like they know the father Richard. Finally, they hit the location but they're too late and find nothing.

They get hits on three structures that could be where they're keeping Samanta, so the team rolls out to find them all. Kim and Kevin end up in a shootout with the suspect, who then leads them on a chase.

Samantha was the one who killed one of her kidnappers. She is taken aback.
Hailey and Voight speak with Samantha at the hospital and suspect that she is aware that her father has all of this money in offshore accounts and that he is not who he claims to be, but she does not say anything.

They intend to keep a close eye on things. Hailey calls Jay again and still hasn't heard from him, so she calls his boss and learns that Jay requested an extension but never informed her.
Hailey approaches Sean and informs him that she will not be returning there for him because she is unable to do so. He assures her that everything is fine and that her little speech she's giving him is to the wrong person, implying that it should be to Jay.

Who Are The Part Of Chicago PD Season 10 Episode 13?

The stars of the series Chicago PD Season 10, Episode 13 are Jason Beghe as Sergeant Hank Voight, Patrick Flueger as Officer Adam Ruzek, LaRoyce Hawkins as Officer Kevin Atwater, Amy Morton as a Desk Sgt. Trudy Platt, Tracy Spiridakos played as Detective Hailey Upton, Marina Squerciati played the role of Officer Kim Burgess, And the guest star Sara Bues as An ASA Nina Chapman, Octavio Rodriguez as Lonzo Rodriguez.

Promo Video Of The Latest Episode 13 Of Chicago PD

One month ago, TV promo released promo video of the recent episode, the video link of promo is given below:

Promo Of Episode 14 of Chicago PD Is Just Released

In this Promo video of Episode 14, you can see Burgess and Ruzek are trapped aboard the crowded “L” subway train. The team is drawn into a dark family drama as they piece together scant evidence.

Where Can You Watch Chicago PD Season 10 Episode 13?

As of now you can watch Episode 13 on NBC and Peacock Premium. Moreover, “Chicago P.D. – Season 10” streaming on fuboTV, Peacock Premium, DIRECTV, NBC, USA Network where you can watch it.


After a delay of 3 weeks, finally Chicago PD Season 10 Episode 13 is released on Feb 15,2023 on NBC, and the promo video of the next episode is also uploaded on YouTube.

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