Chicago Party Aunt Season 2 Release Date: is It Renewed or Canceled?

The good news is that Netflix has already ordered further episodes of “Chicago Party Aunt.” The first season of the show consists of eight episodes, and the streaming platform has reportedly placed an order for a total of 16 episodes, so it's likely that production on the second half of the order is well underway.

So, it looks like there will be a second season of “Chicago Party Aunt,” though nothing is set in stone until Netflix makes the official announcement. No one knows when the second season will launch, but given that the first one debuted on September 17, 2021, it will likely be a while. In the same vein as its fellow adult cartoon series “Chicago Party Aunt,” the raunchy coming-of-age series “Big Mouth” has maintained a fairly consistent annual release schedule, give or take a few months.

With that in mind, season 2 of “Chicago Party Aunt” would likely premiere between September 2022 and December 2022. Nonetheless, given that manufacturing has begun, they might also be released significantly sooner than expected. Diane Dunbrowski is a complete wild card.

When Will Chicago Party Aunt Season 2 Be Released? What Can We Anticipate?

Netflix has confirmed that they will produce more “Chicago Party Aunt” episodes. According to Variety, the streaming service has purchased 16 episodes of the show beyond the first eight in the first season.

That suggests they are probably already working on the second part of the order. While nothing is official until Netflix makes the announcement, it seems likely that there will be a second season of “Chicago Party Aunt.”

Since the first season premiered on September 17, 2021, no one knows when the second will premiere. The same animation company that brought you “Chicago Party Aunt” also created the adult cartoon series “Big Mouth.”

The racy coming-of-age show has, with the exception of the “My Furry Valentine” episode from Season 3, maintained a very consistent annual release schedule, give or take a few months. Therefore, Season 2 of “Chicago Party Aunt” will likely premiere between September and December of 2022. However, since they are currently under production, they may be available much sooner than expected.

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Cast: Who Plays the Characters in Chicago Party Aunt Season 2?

It's likely that Season 2 of “Chicago Party Aunt” will have a number of twists and turns due to the show's broad range of characters. Netflix has acquired 16 episodes, although the first season only comprises 8. It's safe to assume that the same cast will return for the remaining 8 episodes.

chicago party aunt season 2 release date

The second season will see Lauren Ash of “Superstore” fame returning to her role as Party Aunt Diane Dunbrowski. Other familiar faces are Daniel's mom and dad, Bonnie (Jill Talley) and Mark (Ike Barinholtz), as well as Diane's ex-husband Kurt (Chris Witaske) and their son Mikey (Jon Barinholtz).

Audiences are delighted to see Diane back at the Borough salon in season 2. There's a lot of possibility for further adventures between the eccentric Zuzana (Katie Rich) and the realistic Tina (Da'Vine Joy Randolph).

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What is the Plot of Chicago Party Aunt Season 2?

Diane Dunbrowski is a middle-aged woman who desperately wants to cling to the hard-rocking, hard-partying days of her fading youth, and the first season of “Chicago Party Aunt” introduces viewers to the main characters, their relationships with one another, and Diane's confused personality.

Each episode has its own unique story, but from the pilot, it is evident that Diane's lavish lifestyle comes at a high price, and that she is capable and kind despite her obsession with the Chicago nightlife and cultural scene. The stage has been set by the end of the first season for a story of inner progress that may or may not be true.

chicago party aunt season 2 release date

It remains to be seen where season 2 of “Chicago Party Aunt” will take Diane's story. If the first season is any indication, though, she won't give up Chicago references and partying antics, but the many supporting folks around her will continue to contribute to her good growth through many bizarre, wild stories and narrative twists. They do have a role in the title of the show.

How Many Seasons Does Chicago Party Aunt Have?

This comedy TV show has only one season and is now streaming on Netflix. The eight episodes clock in at a total of 22–25 minutes.


Chicago Party Auntie Season 2 has not yet premiered, and there has been no trailer produced. After the confirmation of a second season of the Chicago Party Auntie series, its release seems imminent.

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Let's watch the Chicago Party Aunty season one teaser. On August 26th, 2021, Netflix made it available.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is There Really a Party Aunt Living in Chicago?

However, the well-known actress playing the hostess aunt isn't actually a local. To be exact, she has Canadian ancestry. However, Lauren Ash is not new to Chicago. In fact, it was during her time working in Chicago's comedy scene that she first met the show's producers and actors, who went on to star in their own show, Chicago Party Aunt.

Where Does the Concept of the Chicago Party Aunt Come From?

Netflix's smash hit “Chicago Party Aunt,” which Chris Witaske co-created, wrote, and produced, is his brainchild. This hilarious Twitter character is completely made up by him. He's appeared on Curb Your Enthusiasm, Drunk History, and Arrested Development, among other shows and films.

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