Cherry Valentine Death: What We Know About What Killed Cherry Valentine?

The BBC recently said that Cherry Valentine, whose real name was George Ward, died at 28. After seeing Cherry on Season 2 of RuPaul's Drag Race UK, this was especially sad for the Drag Race world.

Cherry almost always wore red, which was her signature color. She was as bright and memorable as the red she wore. We are sad about losing a person with an undeniable gift and a kind heart who would have kept changing the world. Here are the things we know about her death.

Who Was Cherry Valentine?

Cherry Valentine, who used to go by the name George Ward, got their stage name from two main things. One was the bath wash that smelled like cherries, and the other was how much their grandmother liked Sherry.

Cherry Valentine already had more fans before the reality show started. They added “Valentine” to the name because they loved Valentine's Day. Cherry Valentine made two documentaries after the series ended: Proud and Gypsy Queen.

These documentaries were made to bring attention to the fact that some Gypsy people are gay. Valentine said that things might have been different for them if these documentaries had been made when they were first starting.

Cherry Valentine Death

Valentine said they came up with their alter ego because they felt as lost as themselves. Then they returned to their community to see if they would be accepted there.

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Here's What We Know About What Killed Cherry Valentine

In a statement to the BBC, George's family said, “It is with the deepest and most heartbreaking sadness that we tell you that our George, Cherry Valentine, has died tragically.”

“His family is still coming to terms with his death, and our lives will never be the same,” they said. “We know how much he is loved and how many people's lives he has changed.”

When this was written, no one knew what caused the death. Cherry was the first person to be kicked off Season 2 of RuPaul's Drag Race UK, but she quickly became a fan favorite.

But it wasn't just her incredible looks or performances that spoke to fans; it was who she was at her core. When she wasn't doing drag, Cherry was a mental health specialist at the National Health Service. She was there every step of the way when the COVID-19 pandemic happened.

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In an interview with the BBC in January 2021, Cherry talked about how hard it was to be a nurse during the worst pandemic. RuPaul's Drag Race in the UK stopped filming, giving her time to think about what happened before returning to the front lines.

She told the outlet, “I just wanted to go on to show that no matter where you come from or who you are, you can do whatever makes you happy.” Cherry found it hard to talk about where she came from.