Chef Show Season 3: Who Will Be the Guests This Season?

Unlike other Netflix food shows, “The Chef Show” was never intended to be a food show. In an interview with Eater, actor, director, and “The Chef Show” presenter Jon Favreau discussed his friendship with fellow host and chef Roy Choi, who served as a culinary consultant for Favreau's film “Chef.”

Three years ago, Favreau began filming “The Chef Show” as a fun endeavour including cooking with Choi and other individuals in various settings. “The Chef Show” became a Netflix programme only when it was determined that there was sufficient video to produce an entire season of a television show. It follows that a significant portion of the show's popularity is due to how authentic it feels.

On “The Chef Show,” Favreau and Choi prepare several dishes using various techniques and flavours. However, the best part? They invite both celebrity chefs and celebrity actors as guests on the show. The show has been so popular that Season 1 currently maintains a 100% critic rating score and a 94% audience rating score on Rotten Tomatoes.

What is the Release Date of Season 3 of “The Chef Show”?

Netflix has released 25 episodes of “The Chef Show” across two seasons and four volumes as of this moment. Season 1 was released in three volumes, with the first containing eight episodes and the subsequent two including six episodes each. The first volume aired in June 2019, followed by the second in September 2019, and the third in February 2020. The second season consists of only one five-episode volume that aired on The Spool in the final week of September 2020.

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Netflix has not yet announced the release of Season 3 officially. Nonetheless, there is no reason to doubt that Season 3 is in the works. Given that Season 2 was named Volume 1, it is likely that other volumes and seasons will follow.

chef show season 3

Since the previous season aired in September of last year, it is possible that the next season was originally scheduled to debut in February of 2021 but was delayed due to the pandemic and its impact on television programme production.

However, Netflix has since published a plethora of new films and television episodes, so it is likely that Season 3 of “The Chef Show” will premiere in the last week of September of this year, around the same time as Season 2 did in 2017. (via Whenetflix).

Who Will Host Season 3 of “The Chef Show”?

Season 3 is anticipated to feature Favreau and Choi as hosts, even though Netflix hasn't announced anything about a new season. According to Favreau's interview with Eater, “The Chef Show” is the result of two buddies having fun in the kitchen with other friends.

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Choi said on his website, “We were simply trying to find methods to continue hanging out together… And this was simply another way for us to make time for each other in our hectic lives. It's wonderful that something came from it.”

The Favreau-Choi duo received a great deal of critical acclaim for their friendship and how it was portrayed on the show. Uproxx stated that Favreau and Choi's friendship makes viewers a bit envious, with the most popular response being “I want to hang out with these guys!” It appears unlikely that Favreau and Choi will ever be replaced as hosts for a new season, given that the show was always their brainchild and relies heavily on their amicable chemistry.

Who Will Be the Guests on Season 3 of “The Chef Show”?

In addition to the easygoing chemistry of Favreau and Choi's friendship, which makes the show entertaining to watch, the show's vast fan base is largely due to its stellar guest cast.

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Favreau has worked with a large number of celebrities over his career and is particularly close to the Marvel cast. Favreau, speaking with Variety, stated: “The Marvel community has been a family for almost a decade. Therefore, when it's just Robert and me, we have this shared experience of all we've been through.”

chef show season 3

This is likely why Robert Downey Jr., Tom Holland, Kevin Feige, and Gwyneth Paltrow appeared in past seasons. Previous seasons have also featured an equally outstanding roster of culinary icons, like Christina Tosi of the renowned Milk Bar and Wolfgang Puck, to name a few.

Although there is no official confirmation of a Season 3 of “The Chef Show” or the guests that will appear on it, Favreau and Choi may probably invite additional Hollywood celebrities and famous chefs if there is a Season 3.

The Chef Show Season 3 Trailer: Is There a Teaser Yet?

Watch a live video that describes how the forthcoming season of a television series will appear.

The Chef Show Rating by Age

The Chef Show is rated TV-PG, which indicates that it contains content that parents may find inappropriate for young children. Many parents will likely wish to watch it with their younger children. The programme may include one or more of the following: occasional suggestive speech, infrequent rude language, some sexual situations, or moderate violence.

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