Cheer Season 2: Everything You Need To Know About This Series!

This month, Lifetime Television will premiere a completely new season of the cheerleading documentary, which premiered last year. Cheer, Navarro College's most successful cheerleading group, has been absent for a long time. However, we won't have to wait much longer for their comeback, as season two of Cheer will release on Netflix the following week.

Additionally, as hinted at in the most recent teaser, viewers will be given an inside look at Navarro's arch-rivals, Trinity Valley Community College's The Cardinals, who are putting in the same kind of effort to win the NCAA National Championship by season's end.

Cheer's season 2 shows the price of fame - Vox

In the words of director Greg Whiteley, “I had the sensation that we were on this fantastic trip with two remarkable teams.” My privilege was to be a part of their lives, and it was both inspiring and devastating at times, as well as aggravating and ultimately moving.”Continue reading to find out what we currently know about Cheer season two.

Cheer Season 2: Release Date

Cheer's season 2 shows the price of fame - Vox

The second season of the show Cheer will launch on Netflix on Wednesday, January 12th, and will be followed by the third season. Production on the docuseries began in January 2020, following the show's meteoric rise to popularity on streaming services.

COVID-19, on the other hand, forced the cancellation of the 2020 NCAA National Championship in Indianapolis, which resulted in the filming of the show being suspended in March 2020. It is expected that filming will begin in September 2020 and that the first episode of the next season will show in September 2019.

Cheer Season 2: Cast

The Second Season Of Netflix's “Cheer” Is Uncomfortable To Watch

All of the characters from season one of Cheer on Fox will return for season two, including Navarro College cheerleading coach Monica Aldama and Dancing with the Stars 2020 finalist Gabi Butler, as well as the team's outstanding tumbler Lexi Brumback and established internet celebrity, Gabi Butler.

Teammates La'Darius Marshall and Morgan Simianer will once again be seen on the big screen alongside them in this film.

The second season will feature a number of new cast members, including Maddy Brum, Navarro's most recent recruit, Cassadee Dunlap, a prior child pageant winner, and Gillian Rupert, who will be making her network television debut.

Trinity Valley Community College, which is Navarro's archrival, will be represented by several members of the team, including coach Vontae Johnson and assistant coach Khris Franklin, leader Jada Wooten, big personality Jeron Hazelwood, tumblers DeVonte “Dee” Joseph and Angel Rice, all of whom will be introduced on the show.

Jerry Harris, who was a part of the first season's cast, will also appear in the upcoming season, which will center on the allegations of child pornography that were brought against him in September of this year.

Cheer Season 2: Trailer


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What will Cheer season 2 be about?

Cheer' Season 2 Review – The Hollywood Reporter

Following the success of their first season, Navarro Cheer will have to deal with their newfound notoriety and the demands of juggling press attention with their cheerleading responsibilities as COVID-19 completely upends the 2020 college cheerleading season, which will be the centrepiece of season two.

Aside from that, when Monica Aldama decides to step down from Dancing with the Stars, La'Darius Marshall will be forced to cope with a new assistant coach, and the show will take a look at Trinity Valley Community College, which is Navarro's most formidable competitor on the show.
The charges of child pornography brought against season one favourite Jerry Harris, which surfaced during the show's production, will be the subject of the show's second season, which will premiere in the fall.

As of September 2020, Harris was being held on an allegation of coercing adolescents into providing him sexually explicit photographs and videos of themselves, which he strongly opposed on the basis of the evidence against him. After three years of deliberation, he submitted a not guilty plea to seven new sex offence allegations involving four additional children, which had been pending since December 2020.

Jerry Harris' spokeswoman had previously stated: “According to the claims levied against Jerry Harris, the supposed instances occurred while he was a child, and we categorically deny them.”

“We are confident that, once the investigation is completed, the true facts will be revealed,” the team stated.

Cheer season 2 release date, synopsis, cast, and more

This is what Greg Whiteley, the season's cheering director, had to say about the new season: “When word of Jerry's investigation broke, Monica was prepared to make her Dancing with the Stars debut the next day. I was taken entirely by surprise and left distraught.

Since the tale follows events as they unfolded from January 2020 to April 2021, the charges against Jerry Harris are covered in great detail in episode five. Our team felt it was critical, however, to express to viewers straight away that this is not something to be dismissed, which is why we address it at the outset of the first episode.”

Season Two of the docuseries will include an interview with the brothers who first accused Harris of sexual assault, as well as their mother, who Whiteley characterised as being “very generous” in agreeing to speak with the documentary.

During the second season of the smash docuseries The Navarro Cheer Girls Return, the show's cast members will discuss how they dealt with their celebrity, COVID-19, and severe criminal allegations levied against comrade Jerry Harris, which Harris denies.

The show's cast members will be asked about their experiences with celebrity, COVID-19, and severe criminal claims filed against comrade Jerry Harris, which Harris denies. The show's cast members will also be interrogated about their experiences with fame.