Check Out Top 10 Movies Like Mean Girls That Aren’t Your Average Movies!

When it comes to movies, nothing can compare to Mean Girls. Although it was only published in 2004, the legendary parody about surviving high school at the cruel girls' table has become a classic. That's largely because of Tina Fey & the rest of the cast's witty one-liners; admit it, you've used a Mean Girls quip at some point.

Shout it's partly because of the incredible cast: Lindsay Lohan, Rachel McAdams, Amanda Seyfried, Amy Poehler & Lacey Chabert, the reigning queen of Hallmark comedies. Although it would have been nice if the film's success had led to a number of similarly bleakly humorous sequels, at least there are movies like Mean Girls to enjoy on days other than Wednesday.

What makes Mean Girls so great are its realistic depiction of high school, its witty script & its amazing cast of female actors. The film explores the social pressures on young women as well as the experience of being an outsider in a world where popularity is prized above all else.

Thankfully, Hollywood has always been keen on telling tales set in high school & frequently features groups of female pals. Therefore, there are many movies that will make you feel very “Mean Girls.” Even Regina George couldn't say no to these films, which range from gloomy throwbacks like The Craft to the cheery democracy of Bring It On.

10. Easy A

The performance of Emma Stone as Lindsay Lohan in Easy A is superb. Here, Stone takes on the role of the once-unnoticed high school student who causes a stir after she unexpectedly gains widespread attention. But it's not an African dance that gets her noticed by her peers; it's a little white lie about losing her virginity and the commercial opportunity that comes with it.

9. Whip It

Movies Like Mean Girls

The 2009 film Whip It, directed by Drew Barrymore and featuring a script written by Shauna Cross, is a fantastic teen film that lovers of Mean Girls should not miss. Both movies celebrate individuality and individuality as strengths and share a message of defiance.

To be honest, Bliss Cavendar, played by Ellen Page, is one of the best teen movie protagonists ever. Despite her family's wishes, she decides to become a roller derby player. She is the polar antithesis of Cady Heron, played by Lindsay Lohan in Mean Girls, yet like Cady, she is a relatable teen character.

8. Legally Blonde

Movies Like Mean Girls

Everybody has seen the iconic photo of the blonde girl decked out from head to toe in pink, accompanied by her pink-costumed chihuahua who looks just as sassy as her. That's because Robert Luketic's “Legally Blonde,” which he also directed, became a sleeper hit after its first release and has been a cultural touchstone ever since.

The film's critical success may be attributed mostly to Reese Witherspoon's captivating performance as the lead, despite the predictability and simplicity of the tale. As the gorgeous sorority girl Elle Woods, she plays a character whose lover dumps her right before she was expecting an engagement.

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This shallow but sweet and caring persona resolves to pursue him and study law in hopes of winning him back. This comedy is great for those who want to relax and enjoy a straightforward, humorous, and upbeat plot because of its light and airy atmosphere.

7.  10 Things I Hate About You

Movies Like Mean Girls

This film, which takes its cue from Shakespeare's comedy “The Taming of the Shrew,” provides all the savory drama and romance we crave thanks to its fresh plot and well-developed characters. All of the fantastically portrayed characters stand on their own, but it's the way they interact with one another that elevates the story to new heights.

As a result, Cameron embarks on a mission to track down Kat's twin, who turns out to be none other than the notoriously bad actor Heath Ledger's misbehaving Patrick Verona. It's a timeless masterpiece that never fails to make me happy every time I watch it.

6. Heathers

Movies Like Mean Girls

There's no arguing that Mean Girls is an all-time classic, but it wouldn't exist without Heathers, the original story of high school evil. Playing the role of Veronica Sawyer, a nerd who longs to be accepted by the popular but reviled Heathers is Winona Ryder.

Everything goes to hell as fast as Cady Heron can throw up on Aaron Samuels once she meets a handsome rebel named J.D. You'll probably learn a few new words, and you'll definitely find out where the phrase “What's your damage, Heather?” originated.

5. Pitch Perfect

What's not to like about a cappella? In the hilarious and entertaining Pitch Perfect, this musical genre is transformed into a world of intense competition and hilarious shenanigans. Pitch Perfect is an underdog comedy with iconic songs and witty conversation that will change the way you view a capella group forever. If you're looking for a movie to make you laugh and sing along with new renditions of classic songs, go no further than this one.

4. Romy and Michele's High School Reunion

Romy (Sorvino) and Michele (Kudrow) have been best friends for a long time, but they're both nervous about attending their high school reunion because they don't think they'll measure up to their classmates.

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As a result, both of them make up new, prosperous lives to share with their old classmate. Although it is ostensibly about adults, there are many themes of adolescence explored, such as the importance of friendship and the struggle to find a place in the world.

3.  The DUFF

Movies Like Mean Girls

When Bianca learns that her social standing is that of D.U.F.F. (Designated Ugly Fat Friend), she sets out to improve her situation. Her quest for attractiveness and exit from the D.U.F.F. zone is replete with hilariously absurd moments. She comes to appreciate herself for who she truly is and stops caring what other people think of her.

2. Thirteen

Movies Like Mean Girls

At first look, Thirteen (2003), about Tracy (Evan Rachel Wood), who changes into a new person after befriending a tough girl named Evie (Nikki Reed), is a far more serious film than Mean Girls. Reed's own difficult adolescence served as inspiration for this picture.

The two films share a common theme, however: a teenage girl's transformation into someone she no longer recognises. Holly Hunter gives an excellent portrayal of Tracy's mom in this film.

1. Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen

Like in “Mean Girls,” the main character in this film adopts a false identity in order to gain acceptance and success. This time around, Lohan portrays Lola, as a young woman with a single goal in life: to become a famous actress. All the more drama in her life, the better.

She acts as though she has intentions to attend the last performance of the band Sidarthur. The antagonist of this film is Carla, who is the equivalent of Regina George in the story of Cady. Like Cady, Lola eventually gives up the struggle and decides that peace is the best option.