Check Out The Interest of Love Season 1 Episode 11 Recap and Review in Detail!

In this article, we will read about The Interest of Love season 1 episode 11 recap and review in detail. Keep reading, to know more. Mi-gyeong sidesteps an awkward talk with Sang-su in the eleventh episode of The Interest of Love, while Su-yeong offers to work at another branch for the next three months as a volunteer.

The Interest of Love Season 1 Episode 11 Recap

After their passionate kiss at the ice rink, Su-yeong is left with a variety of emotions in the opening moments of episode 11 of The Interest of Love. She begins to wonder whether it was all her fault if she had been too transparent with Sang-su. It's safe to say that whoever planned this kiss was successful because both partners seemed really enthusiastic about it.

At that point, Su-Yeong runs out of the rink but is stopped by Sang-su, who in turn gives him a chance to act as if nothing out of the ordinary has occurred between them. But he won't back down, telling her that he doesn't feel any remorse because it wasn't a mistake.

Sang-su makes a drink proposal to Su-Yeong as she drops her off at her house. Despite his acceptance, the mood at the meal is awkward at first. It was proposed by Su-Yeong that they engage in a lying game in which everything he says must be false. It's a lighthearted method for them to spend time together and get to know each other.

The Interest of Love Season 1 Episode 11 Recap and Review

Meanwhile, Mi-gyeong visits Sang-home su's and comes to terms with the fact that she is not comfortable with their relationship existing on less than equal footing. She repeatedly contacts Sang-su, but he refuses to answer and eventually turns off his phone. Sang-su clutches Su-hand yeong's in the car as they prepare to head home, and the atmosphere becomes strained and heavy.

While at home, Su-yeong is rudely awoken by the truth that she paid for Jong's surgery. hyeon's father's When Jong-hyeon apologizes to Su-Yeong for asking to stay at her apartment for some additional time, Su-yeong apologizes back, merely because she feels bad about what happened.

The three of them are unable to look each other in the eye the following morning at work. In response to Shi-request Kyung's for two volunteers during the meeting, Su-Yeong offers to work at a bank branch's satellite office for three months. Gyeong-pil sees Sang-su almost raise his hand and decides to do it instead. It's not just me who has noticed this; Mi-gyeong does too.

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Later, when at the bank applying for a loan, Jung-im sees Sang-su glancing at Su-Yeong and realizes that her son may have feelings for someone other than her. Eventually, she restrains herself from telling him about it. Mi-gyeong follows her out to meet Jung-im and then spontaneously embraces Sang-su. Confused, he suggests they meet up in the evening. Anticipating the worst, Mi-gyeong orders him to spill the beans right then and there. But Sang-su isn't going to budge.

While out to lunch, the ladies inquire about Su-Yeong the motivations for her volunteering at the branch office. She explains that she just needs a change of environment, but no one believes her. In any case, she tells Jong-hyeon about it too, and he expresses some sadness at not having been included in the decision-making process.

As time goes on, Su-yeong observes Jong-hyeon being a little too cheerful while texting someone other than her, and then she meets Seon-Jae and realizes there's more going on here. Mi-gyeong, on the other hand, learns that Jung-im went to the bank for loans since a mutual friend of their mothers raised the rent on her properties.

Again that night, Sang-su tries to have a conversation with Mi-gyeong, but she declines to engage in deep discourse at that time. Conversely, when Su-yeong goes out for drinks with her coworkers at the bank, they insult her deeply under the guise of joking. Su-yeong tells them how she feels, but as he starts becoming nasty, Gyeong-pil steps in to calm things down.

Later, when he and Gyeong-pil reunited, Gyeong-pil warned Sang-su against pursuing two partners at once, saying that doing so could lead to an outcome as tragic as what had befallen Seok-Hyeon. When Gyeong-pil asks Sang-su if he plans to end things with Mi-gyeong, Sang-su refuses to commit either way and instead urges Gyeong-pil to make the best option possible so as to do as little harm as possible.

The Interest of Love Season 1 Episode 11 Review

The viewers get to see Mi-gyeong falling apart in this episode. She has come to terms with the fact that she cannot take credit for any of her career or personal accomplishments. She doesn't learn that money can't buy happiness or love.

The Interest of Love Season 1 Episode 11 Recap and Review

Sang-su would not have been able to move on from his feelings for Su-yeong if he had continued dating Mi-gyeong solely due to their social rank, as portrayed by Seok character. This episode was more forthright than previous ones in showing that Sang-su does not care for Mi-gyeong as much as he does for Su-yeong.

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The more she tries to ignore it, the more Mi-gyeong realizes she simply can't. Su-yeong and Sang-su paint an image for the audience of the kind of life they aspire to live through their lies to one another. It's easier to admit the truth when it's classified as something else, so they tell fibs about their true feelings and desires.