Chantal Compagnon: Bio, Family, Relationship & Interesting Facts

Chantal Compagnon is a French woman. She is the first wife of Charles Sobhraj, a French serial killer and con artist. In 1969, she met Charles at a party. He told her about his travels to the Orient and Dakar and his made-up wealthy family in Saigon.

She was born in the year 1945. Currently, he is 77 years old (as of 2022). She was born in Paris to a rigorous Catholic family. Charles had two children from his relationship with Chantal Desnoires.

She's got a son. Who was called Prank? Charles and Compagnie's wedding day. The name of the girl was Muriel Anouk. On that day, Muriel Anouk was born. So, in Chantal Compagnon Biography, we'll tell you about his life.

Family, Relationship, Boyfriend of Chantal Compagnon

She was born in Paris, France, in 1945. He is 77 years old right now. She comes from a very traditional Catholic family. Aside from that, nothing else is known about his family. She went to a party in 1969.

Chantal Compagnon

There, she met Charles, who said he was rich and from Saigon. He told her about his adventures in the Orient and Dakar. When he started going out with Chantal, he already saw Chantal Desnoires.

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Later, Charles broke up with Chantal Desnoirs so that he could stay with Compagnon. But after only a short time together, she and Charles got married. They have a daughter and a son. His joke was about his boy's name. A girl named Muriel Anouk was also there.

Charles Sobhraj & Chantal Compagnon

Let's tell you that Chantal and Charles met at a party in 1969. Charles was going out with Chantal Desnoires at the time. He told them about his adventures in the Orient and Dakar and the made-up wealthy family in Saigon.

She ended things with Desnoires so she could marry Compagnon. But Charles asked Chantal to marry him. But he was caught for car theft the same day. Let's say that Chantal's parents did not want her to marry Charles. But Charles showed him the money, and he took it.

Chantal Compagnon

After that, Charles got out of jail, and they got married. In 1970, Compagnon and Sobhraj left France for Asia with fake papers. Compagnon was pregnant at the time. When the couple got to Mumbai, they decided to stop committing crimes and start over.

But Charles didn't stay far away from the crime. He had stolen cars and tried to bring drugs into the country. The first child was a girl named Usha Sobhraj, born to Compagan. In 1971, Chantal and Charles moved there.

Things to Know

  • In 1973, Charles was caught after he used a gun to steal from a jewelry store in the Hotel Ashoka in Delhi.
  • At the time, he was kept in Delhi's Tihar Jail.
  • When Charles was with Chantal Desnoires, they had two children.
  • His boy's name was Prank, and his girl's name was Muriel Anouk.
  • Charles and Compagne married on the same day that Muriel Anouk was born.
  • The life of Charles Sobhraj was the subject of a 2021 series called “The Serpent,” which was made by BBC One and Netflix.
  • She gave Chantal's character in the show a new name: “Juliet Vochlen.”
  • Stacey Martin, who is both English and French, played her.
  • Charles knew the British writer Farooq Dhondy, who was born in India.
  • Chantal said that Sobhraj had admitted to killing all of the people.