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Who Was Chalino Sánchez? Why Was He Murdered? | His Lifestyle

Narcocorrido music was made famous by Rosalino “Chalino” Sanchez, an indigenous singer from the state of Jalisco in central Mexico. Although Chalino died in 1992, he continued receiving millions of streams from Latino listeners. After a string of misfortunes, Chalino decided to pursue a music career as a means of subsisting.

In his car trunk, he sold cassettes of music he'd recorded and mixed himself. Pedro Rivera, a Mexican immigrant, discovered Chalino's music and granted him access to a modest recording studio. With the help of Rivera and Chalino, they created narcocorridos, a type of corridor that glorifies drug trafficking and its violence.

Life of Chalino Sánchez

Chalino Sánchez
Chalino Sánchez

When Chalino met his cousin's wife, he decided to marry her. From then on, he was only ever seen with one woman and was brutally murdered in 1992. Adan Sanchez and Cynthia Sanchez are the two children that Chalino left behind.

Chalino's Unique Style and Rise

Specialty? That's Chalino's forte! Even no-name artists couldn't match his ability to sing in his cadence and Sinaoloan slang. Coaching in 1992, he was hired to perform at Coachella's Los Arcos nightclub. During this time, Chalino came dangerously close to death.

Chalino was shot in the chest by “Eduardo Gallegos,” an unemployed mechanic who had leaped onto the stage and started shooting at him. Some seven to ten persons were injured, and one person was killed due to that incident.

Sadly, a masked assailant assassin killed Gallegos. Surgery in Palm Springs saved Chalino's life. Chalino became well-known as a result of the incident at Coachella. As his sales increased, people began to take notice of him.

After his death, however, he was finally recognized for his talents. While he was still living, his song “Nieves de Enero” became a huge hit. Chalino had a great time mingling with the audience while on stage.

Chalino's Encounter With Rivera

Pedro Rivera, an immigrant who owns a music studio in California, met with Chalino. This duo went into the business of mythologizing criminals and smugglers alike under the moniker “prohibited corridos.” After this, more clubs began to book him, and his career took off.

Music Career of Chalino

In the wake of his older brother Armando Sanchez's death in a Tijuana hotel, Chalino Sanchez decided to pursue a career in the music industry. During this period, he composed his first corrido (ballad). Let me tell you what a corridor is if you don't already know—an anti-oppression verse in Mexican style.

When Chalino was sentenced to prison for a previous offense, he began writing songs for his fellow inmates to perform. As a storyteller, he had a way with words. Whenever Chino had an exciting story to share, he used it as the basis for his next ballad.

Why Chalino Sánchez Was Murdered?

Chalino Sánchez
Chalino Sánchez

Drug cartel ties are claimed to have led to the death of Chalino. Los Arcos nightclub in Coachella, California, was the first place the public learned that Chalino's life was in jeopardy. Eduardo Gallego, a drug-addled local mechanic, came on stage and started shooting Chalino while he performed.

Eduardo fired back at Chalino after he pulled a gun on him. Seven to ten people, including Eduardo and Chalino, were injured in a running gun battle that erupted. The injuries that resident Claudio Rene Carranza sustained were fatal.

When surgery was performed on Chalino and Gallego in Palm Springs, they were both in danger of dying. Due to the event's success, additional security precautions were put in place for Sanchez's subsequent Los Angeles engagement to ensure his safety.

Chalino received a note during a rare performance in Culiacan months after the shooting, causing his complexion to change. As soon as Chalino and his team departed the celebration, the show had been a considerable success, but things went awry.

Armed state officers in Chevrolet Suburbans reportedly stopped Chalino's group. When Chalino finally decided to go with the soldiers to visit a commandant, it was with some trepidation.

Two hours later, in the vicinity of Los Laureles, Culiacan, two persons discovered the lifeless body of Chalino dumped in an irrigation canal. In addition to having two bullet wounds to the head, he wore a blindfold and had rope markings on his wrists.

Chalino's alleged ties to drug cartels are said to have contributed to his death. This year, according to Police1.com, 17 lesser-known drug-themed musicians were killed. Sergio Gomez and Valentine Elizalde, two well-known narcocorridos singers, assassinated shortly after his death, are just two of the many.

The problem is that to be a narcocorrido artist, and you have to be active in the drug culture and its facets. No one can be sure of their safety when dealing with cartels.

Chalino Pulls Up Gun at the Age of 15

At age 15, Chalino murdered the local bully who had raped Sanchez's sister four years previously. Chalino Sanchez was born on August 30, 1960, in the Mexican city of Culiacán.

He was the seventh and final child to be born to Santos Sanchez and Senorina Felix. He was the youngest of seven children. Rosalino was his birth name, but Sanchez always went by Chalino since he thought Rosalino was too feminine of a character. His parents called him Rosalino.

Chapo Perez, you are instructed to rape his sister. When Chalino was 11 years old, he saw a bully in the neighborhood. Four years after the murder of his sister, he exacted his revenge on Perez by killing him during a party honoring the Mexican revolution.

Following the murder, Sanchez made his way to the United States, where he eventually made his home. Because of his troubled past and his intense love for music, Chalino was the ideal candidate to spread the popularity of narcocorridos.

To write the lyrics that celebrate violence, he drew inspiration from his own life as well as the lives of other people. The songs were and still are a tremendous hit, but the singers are participating in the genre are putting themselves at risk because of their connection to the violent deeds of drug cartels.

Even if Chalino and others have paid for it with their lives, young artists continue to create and perform narcocorridos despite this fact.

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