Chainsaw Man Episode 8: Review | Where Can You Watch It?

Chainsaw Man Episode 8: On Tuesday, November 29, the highly anticipated Katana Man arc began with the release of Chainsaw Man episode 8. But the episode started with the end of the Eternity Devil arc, which was mostly about what Denji did with Makima and Himeno after the night out with Division 4.

Chainsaw Man episode 8 then went straight into the Katana Man arc. The opening sequence was jarring and had an eerie, almost Hollywood thriller-like feel to it. After that, there was a short but quick and exciting action scene, which ended with the first major death in the series.

The Eighth Episode of Chainsaw Man Starts With a Bang

All of the big action scenes in Chainsaw Man start with a twist. Either there's a betrayal, a secret is revealed, or there's a shocking truth. This makes Chainsaw Man's action stand out from the rest because there's always some kind of mystery or emotional conflict going on alongside the bloody fighting.

And this action is a lot of a shock because it looks like a massacre. Since the Gun Devil is after Denji's heart, it seems like a lot of regular people or agents in disguise are now against the Demon Hunters.

They are getting illegal weapons and shooting all of the characters we know so far. Still, the action moves slowly because of the need for CGI, but there is always a strong sense of dread.

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It's hard to tell who's alive and who's dead right now, and Himeno's disappearance after an emotional confession to Aki makes it look like the next episode will make you cry. In the quiet times that the characters spend together, you can feel how close they are getting, so it's cruel of the show to start tearing them apart now.

How to Watch Episode 8 of Chainsaw Man?

Episode 8 of Chainsaw Man makes its debut on Tuesday, November 28th, and streams with Crunchyroll. Thankfully it's not much longer until we get to see how the series sets up the final arc of the season.

Chainsaw Man Episode 8

There are only four more episodes to go, and by the looks of the promo, the final arc of this debut season will be tackling another big foe who carries a power similar to Denji's own transformation.

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Chainsaw Man Episode 9: Release Date

The ninth episode of Chainsaw Man will be available on Crunchyroll on December 6.