June 22, 2021


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Cavis da Feil goes to the airport to gather a Corinthian delegation, but the team does not travel after the game

After being evacuated from Copa du Brazil against Atletico-GO, a group of Corinthians’ main organized supporters, the Caviz da Feilin, headed to the airport for the arrival of the Alvinegra delegation in the capital, Sவோo Paulo.

“Cavis da Feel Board appeared when delegates arrived at the airport on time, They don’t climb, let alone talk and charge for the meager football that players, coaching staff and club officials talk about. Why? “, The organizer wrote on his social networks.

Corinthians, worth remembering, did not publish its flights in the distant games. In some cases, delegates choose not to return immediately after the match – as they did this time, after a fight in Koiz.

Before the end, Fans released a note asking for an explanation from the technical team about the cast, as well as asking for the resignations of Roberto de Andrade and Alessandro. In the positions of football director and manager, respectively.

No. Twitter, The organizers also announced: “We reiterate our complete dissatisfaction with the Sports Club Corinthians Ballista’s Football Board and our rejection of the club’s management of the professional football department. See full position below.

Members of the fan group also went to CD Joachim Crava, where they posted a photo in front of the Corinthian Training Center.

Hawks of Reproduction / Faith

Take a look at Cavis da Feil’s position

The Cavies da Feel team appeared at the airport just in time, and when the delegation arrived, they did not board the players, coaching staff and club officials to talk and charge for the mediocre football they were presenting. Because?

We reiterate here our total dissatisfaction with the Sports Club Corinthians Ballista Football Board and our rejection of the way the club’s professional football department is managed.

We cannot accept a team of Corinthian magnificence that has a team with many players without any condition to wear our famous shirt.

We cannot accept this type of decision, let alone 3 deletions at intervals of less than a month.

Corinthians are huge, we don’t accept anything like a lost and unplanned board where they don’t even decide what profile they want to be the team’s new coach.

We reached the absurdity of exploring three coaches with total OPPOSITE styles, which shows a lack of total preparation for a national team!

We demand at least a change of posture and more respect for the history of Corinthians and Feel Dorsida!

Saturday war, blood in the eye.

Corinthians are not for the faint of heart.

// Loyal Twisted Cavios \

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