Cat Cafe Manager – Switch Release Date, Trailer, & More!

Is it possible for you to make the best catpuccino? If that's the case, Cat Cafe Manager could be a good fit for you. Manage your own cat café while preparing meowchas and feeding the felines in this management simulation video game.

Cat Cafe Manager

However, don't let that deter you from checking out this intriguing game. It will keep you up and engaged like a caffeinated cat no matter what.

Cat Cafe Manager Story

After inheriting the cat café from your grandmother, it is your responsibility as the proprietor of Caterwaul Village's coffee house to restore the establishment to its former splendor and profitability.

You hire new cat custodians from the hamlet, as well as new wait staff from the surrounding area, in order to revitalize granny's aging cafe. When you consider all of the belly-rubs, it's a difficult job, but someone has to do it.

Cat Cafe Manager

Cat Cafe Manager has clear traces of the influence of games such as Stardew Valley and Cattails, yet it manages to stand out on its own by doing something different.

Just don't be fooled by the cartoon kitties; this is a management simulation with actual depth, endless customization choices, and an overflowing pantry full of recipes to explore.

If all of this sounds like something you'd be interested in, keep reading for the release date of Cat Cafe Manager.

Cat Cafe Manager Release Date

Cat Cafe Manager will be released on the Nintendo Switch on April 14. That means you'll only have to wait a couple of months until you can start belly-scratching and creating latte foam masterpieces in Roost Games' endearing management sim. The cat cafe and Caterwaul Village will be our new home away from home, and we can't wait to get settled in.



When you arrive, the cafe is in disarray and has been abandoned for some time, but it's nothing that a little elbow grease (and money) can't cure.

  • Decorate and expand the cafe as you see fit after it has been renovated and you will have created a relaxing environment for cats – and people – to enjoy

Cat Cafe Manager

  • Increase your ability to recruit and retain qualified employees by controlling their workload and assisting them in refining their abilities
  • Custom meals and other menu items that are tailored to the specific demands of your customers will further enhance their café experience

Final Words

That’s All About Cat Cafe Manager. Stay Tuned For More Updates And Bookmark Our Site For More News. Thank You For Reading!

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