Did Carrie Underwood Get Plastic Surgery?

Carrie Underwood, the country music sensation and multi-award-winning artist, has been a mainstay in the entertainment industry for over a decade. As a public figure, her evolving appearance has sparked speculation about the possibility of plastic surgery.

Fans and critics alike have pondered whether Underwood has undergone cosmetic procedures to maintain her stunning looks. In this article, we'll explore the speculations surrounding Carrie Underwood's appearance and her perspective on the ongoing rumors.

Did Carrie Underwood Get Plastic Surgery?

Carrie Underwood has faced persistent rumors and speculations about plastic surgery throughout her career.

While she has not explicitly addressed the plastic surgery rumors, after an Instagram user pointed out that they barely recognized Carrie in a video she shared in January 2023, fans are buzzing with conjecture about whether or not she underwent surgery.

Carrie Underwood Plastic Surgery

The commenter expressed perplexity as to why someone as beautiful as Carrie would feel the need for plastic surgery and apologized for their potentially offensive statements.

Despite a terrifying accident in 2017, the diva behind “Ghost Story” insists she has not undergone any cosmetic procedures. The accident happened outside her Nashville home and required 40 stitches to her face.

During an interview with Redbook the following year, she addressed the accusations about her appearance and expressed disappointment in the tabloids for focusing on something as insignificant as a scar.

Carrie, who is happily married to former NFL star Mike Fisher, said she finds the constant media attention tiresome. She even wished she had gotten plastic surgery to make her scar look better. At the very least, the continual speculating would stop. Nonetheless, she admits that the truth of her experience is equally captivating.

What Plastic Surgery Has Carrie Underwood Supposedly Had?

Carrie Underwood's growth has sparked a lot of discussion and speculation among her followers over the years.

Carrie Underwood's ardent fans have noted changes to her physical characteristics, such as the shape of her eyes and lips, when she first graced the American Idol stage in 2004, sparking allegations of plastic surgery or procedures such as Botox and fillers.

Although certain modifications can be attributed to the natural aging process or experimentation with various makeup procedures, some claim that more drastic measures were employed.

Carrie Underwood Plastic Surgery

Despite these claims, Carrie has spoken publicly about her 2017 facial injury, which required stitches above her upper lip.

She understands that her look may be altered as a result of reconstructive surgery and perhaps the use of fillers throughout her recuperation.

The continual attention and suspicion, on the other hand, have left her frustrated. Despite this, she says that her priority is to live her life and spend time with her family, rather than worrying about what others may think.

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To be clear, the internet is a bit of a Wild West when it comes to allegations surrounding Carrie Underwood's plastic surgery treatments.

While many fans and internet sources may speculate about any potential cosmetic treatments she may have undertaken, it is critical to remember that only Carrie or her authorized agents have true information on the subject.


As Carrie Underwood continues to shine in the spotlight, her fans remain captivated by her talent, charisma, and timeless elegance. While speculations about plastic surgery may persist, it is essential to approach such discussions with sensitivity and respect for the artist's privacy.

Ultimately, Carrie Underwood's enduring appeal lies in her authenticity and the profound impact she has made on the music industry, and her legacy goes far beyond the realm of cosmetic enhancements.

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