Captain America 4 Release Date: Will Chris Evans Return For The Sequel?

When will the first movie starring Anthony Mackie as Captain America be released, and what is the film's title? Fans are incredibly excited to release the fresh new Captain America movie, which will star Anthony Mackie as Sam Wilson instead of Chris Evans in the role of Steve Rogers.

This plot point was established after Avengers Endgame and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. This article contains all of the available information regarding the release date, time, and how to view the Sam Wilson Captain America movie.

The Cast of Captain America 4

Captain America 4
Captain America 4

If the film takes the place of a second season of the series, other cast members from The Falcon and The Winter Soldier may appear alongside Mackie in the film adaptation.

Should the new title screen be used as the movie's title, we anticipate that Bucky Barnes, played by Sebastian Stan, will be in the film. Since Bucky and Sam were able to iron out their differences despite a rocky beginning, it would make perfect sense for Sam to enlist the assistance of the super-soldier in his fight against his most recent adversary.

Following what was believed to be his departure from the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the upcoming film Avengers: Endgame, there were rumors earlier this year that Chris Evans could return to the role of Captain America.

It seems most likely that Evans will reprise his role as Captain America during the production of a fourth movie in the series. Sharon Carter, played by Emily VanCamp, and John Walker, played by Wyatt Russell and known as the United States Agent, could make an appearance.

The Plot of Captain America 4

Captain America 4
Captain America 4

There is no indication whatsoever as to what the storyline of Captain America 4 will include. Should the series work as a continuation of Sam's journey beyond his premiere on Disney Plus, “The Falcon” and “The Winter Soldier” indeed left plenty of loose ends for the winged Cap to pick up.

Julia's Louis character, Dreyfus's the Contessa Valentina Allegra, warned John Walker that things were about to get odd when she recruited him for an unknown future mission, so that could most definitely come into play.

According to the after-credits scene in the conclusion of “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier,” there is also the chance that Sharon Carter will take on the role of a full-fledged villain. In response to your question, Spellman did have something to say.

“When I think of Sharon, I wonder how evil she is. I have no idea. Do you understand what I'm trying to say? In that plot, did she end up inflicting any harm on Sam?” he said, according to

“For example, it's possible that Sharon could be completely terrible, or she could make a full recovery. Who can say for sure where she will end up? Do you understand what I'm trying to say? I have no idea. I have not given this a great deal of thought. It's possible that I went on a bit longer than necessary at that point.”

There is, of course, also the genuine possibility that Sam's first big-screen solo adventure may feature an entirely new plotline that will be related to Marvel's Phase Five. This is an actual possibility.


When Will Captain America 4 be Released?

Captain America 4
Captain America 4

It is anticipated that the sequel to Captain America: The Winter Soldier will be released in theatres either in May of 2024 or in the second half of 2024.

The vast bulk of confirmed Marvel movies has release dates that stretch into late 2023, with the MCU revival movies for Fantastic Four and Blade taking the spaces up to February 2024.

Although production is scheduled to begin this year, there is currently no release date for Captain America 4, the most recent Marvel Cinematic Universe movie to be revealed. As a result, the earliest it may be released is May 2024.

After being established in the concluding episode of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier series that aired on Disney Plus the previous year, The story of Captain America 4 and its official title is still being kept fully under wraps at this time.

The only character confirmed to participate is Sam Wilson, played by Anthony Mackie. Still, it would not be surprising if his series companion Bucky Barnes, who Sebastian Stan plays, made a cameo.

How to Watch the Film Captain America 4

Captain America 4
Captain America 4

If other problems related to the pandemic are avoided, Captain America 4 will most likely have a standard theatrical release when it is released in 2024. If the release strategy for Marvel movies follows the same pattern as it did with Shang-Chi and Eternals, the film will hit Disney Plus 45 days later, which is roughly late 2024.

When it first begins streaming, the movie will only be accessible through Disney Plus; other streaming services, such as HBO Max, Netflix, and Amazon, will not have access to it at that time.