Hulu’s Candy Season 1: Reviews and Ending Explained!

The remarkable case of Betty Gore's murder by Candy Montgomery in Wylie, Texas, forty-two years ago is now the subject of not one but two limited series that will be available on streaming services.

The first, Candy, starring Jessica Biel and Melanie Lynskey, will be released on Hulu over five consecutive days, just like a traditional network miniseries would be. Is it deserving the extra attention and care?

Opening Shot of ‘Candy’

The photograph depicts a lady speaking about the crucifixion on which Jesus was crucified, which was made possible by a tree that perished in the process.

The Gist of ‘Candy’


Despite appearing to have it all together, Candy Montgomery (Jessica Biel) is everything but. She and her husband Pat (Timothy Simons) have a stable marriage, two children, and a gorgeous house in suburban Texas. She sings in the church choir and teaches at the parish's vacation bible school, and the other mothers are constantly in awe of how much she accomplishes.

On the other hand, Betty Gore (Melanie Lynskey) can barely keep it together; her 1-year-old daughter is always screaming, and she resents the fact that her husband Allan (Pablo Schreiber) is required to travel to work regularly.

Even though Candy and Betty's eldest kids are best friends, Betty's daughter spent the night before June 13, 1980 — Friday the 13th — at the Montgomerys' home. Betty has a rush of errands to run, one of which is to pick up a swimsuit from Betty's sister so Betty's kid may attend her pool class.

Candy appears to be in a stupor as she drives back to her house; her hair is wet, her glasses are missing, and she has a large cut on her head when we see her the next time. However, she throws her clothes in the washing machine, pulls herself together, and goes about her day.

She tells the tale of losing her wallet and turning around at Target to both the women at the church and Pat and they both laugh and cry. Allan, who is currently in St. Paul on business, continues to attempt to contact his home but is again met with silence.

Betty's husband is becoming increasingly concerned that she is harming herself and their child. Candy answers the phone and pretends she is unaware of what he is talking about. Last but not least, he gets his neighbors to break into the house late at night to check what's going on with the situation.

There is no need to break in because the door is already open. As soon as one of them opens the door to a small utility room, they are confronted with Betty's blood-stained body or at least portions of it; the sight is too much for any men to bear.

According to a neighbor who informs Allan of the situation, Betty has been shot. On the other hand, the actuality is far more brutal than that.

What Shows Will It Remind You Of?

In several true-crime docuseries, such as Snapped, the narrative of Betty Gore's murder at the hands of Candy Montgomery has been recounted. This case will be the subject of another series, Love and Death, premiere on HBO Max later this year and star Elizabeth Olsen as Candy Montgomery.


Our Point of View on ‘Candy’


In the first episode of Candy, created by Robin Veith (Mad Men) and Nick Antosca (The Act), we learn how Montgomery murdered Gore. Candy's creators made an interesting choice in that they chose to begin with the day of Gore's murder rather than retracing the events leading up to it in subsequent episodes. If you're familiar with the narrative, you'll notice that it sticks rather closely to the realities of that particular day.

Because the case has been in public for more than 40 years (Texas Monthly published an article in 1984), Veith and Antosca don't pretend to divert the audience's attention away from Candy as Betty's murderer to keep the plot moving.

By beginning with the day itself — but without showing the tension that caused Candy to lose her cool and hack Betty to death with an ax — they establish the drama squarely in the timeframe leading up to the act and the immediate aftermath.

You get enough glimpses of Betty and Candy, with Biel doing an excellent job of maintaining Candy's facade of competence and contentment with her life and Lynskey doing her usual excellent job of portraying Betty as dark and dysfunctional as possible, to believe that Betty would be the murderous one in this case.


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However, as previously said, the concept behind this version of the Montgomery case is how Candy came to be due to that seemingly innocuous visit to Betty's house and the events that led up to it.

Candy had to deal with the consequences of an affair that began due to her growing dissatisfaction with her life and the reasons that the seemingly well-adjusted Candy was able to crack in the first place.

It would be interesting to see how they go back and recreate everything, especially considering the performances of Biel and Lynskey.

WATCH IT. Candy makes an excellent argument for the idea that more true-crime movies should focus on the events leading up to and following a crime rather than the incident itself. After all, you can find out anything you need to know about the case by searching onlines

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