Candy Montgomery: Full Story & Where is She Now?

“Candy” Candace Lynn Montgomery is an American housewife. She was born on November 15, 1949, as Lynn Wheeler.

She was accused of killing Betty Gore, married to the man she saw. On June 13, 1980, someone was killed in Wylie, Texas. During the attack, Gore was hit 41 times with an axe used to split wood.


At the time of the event, Montgomery was 30 years old. He was married to Pat Montgomery, an electrical engineer. The man and woman had a son and a daughter. In 1977, they moved to Collin County, Texas, where they went to the Methodist Church of Lucas weekly.

Gore, a middle school teacher, and Montgomery became close friends after they met at a church service. Gore lived nearby with her two kids and her husband, Allan. Montgomery had an affair with Allan, who was not Gore's husband.

Gore's husband was out of town on the day she was killed. When he couldn't reach his wife by phone, he asked their neighbors to find out what was happening. After breaking into the family home, they found Gore's dead body.

Candy Montgomery

When the accident happened, Bethany was sleeping in her crib in another room. When the accident occurred, Bethany was awake and crying. Steve Deffibaugh, who works for the Collin County Sheriff's Department, was the one who looked into the crime.

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Who Killed Betty Gore?

Betty Gore was a first-grade teacher. Her neighbors, Lester Gaylor and Richard Parker found her dead. Her body was found with 41 axe wounds, and the murder weapon was found in the Texas home she lived in with her husband and children. So, what did happen?

After meeting Betty Gore at a church service, Candy and Betty became close friends. She lived close by with her two kids and her husband, Allan, with whom Candy had an affair.

Candy Montgomery

When Gore's husband Allan was out of town, everything got worse. When he couldn't get in touch with his wife, he asked his neighbors to find her. They tried to force their way in, but it was too late.

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Betty's body had been cut up when it was found. Bethany, sleeping in her crib in another room, woke up and started crying. The prints and fingerprints found at the scene of the crime point to Candy. On June 27, Candy was put in jail.

Were Betty Gore's Children Present When She Was Murdered?

Bethany Gore, Betty Gore's daughter, was asleep in her crib at the time of the murder. Bethany was awake and sobbing in her cradle when neighbors pushed their way into the Gore home and discovered Betty's body.

Candy Accepts the Self-defense Plea

Candy Montgomery's trial began in October 1980, and she confessed to Betty Gore's murder, claiming it was in self-defense. The prosecution in McKinney lasted eight days, and the jury consisted of nine women and three males.

Back to the day of the crime, Betty's oldest daughter, Alisa, slept over at the Montgomery residence, and Candy offered to transport her to her swing class the next day. When Candy stopped at the Gore residence to pick up Alisa's bikini, the two women argued about Candy's involvement with Allan.

Candy's defense attorney, Robert Udashen, stated in court that Betty retrieved an axe from her garage and assaulted Candy on the day of the altercation. Candy managed to overload Betty and murder her during this scuffle.

However, the autopsy revealed that some axe cuts were inflicted on Betty while asleep. Betty also claimed that she felt compelled to use an axe after Gore struck her with the same weapon moments before. Montgomery conducted a polygraph test before the trial, which revealed that she was telling the truth.

Candy Montgomery

District attorney Tom O'Connell, on the other hand, made strong arguments that she could have fled the scene. He argued that attacking 41 times was excessive; thus, the case does not fall under the purview of self-defense.

On October 30, 1980, district judge Tom Ryan declared Candy Montgomery not guilty of the felony. This was a startling verdict for rational people.

As Candy exited the courthouse following her acquittal, many people screamed, “Murderer! Murderer!” Betty's father stated, “In my opinion, justice will be served.” She must accept it. I wouldn't say I was pleased with the outcome. We have no idea what happened, and we will never know.”

Have Any Other Movies or Tv Series Been Made About Candy Montgomery?

Candy Montgomery

Yes. A Killing in a Small Town, a 1990 CBS TV movie featuring Barbara Hershey as Candy Montgomery, preceded the 2022 HBO Max miniseries Love and Death. The character was given the made-up surname “Morrison.”

Where is Candy Montgomery Now?

Candy was asked why she had an adulterous affair while having a lovely family. She claimed that her affair with Allan was not an emotional one. It was only to liven things up in her “very boring” marriage with Pat.

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She also mentioned that they wished to stay married to their spouses. Candy may be acquitted, but she will be haunted by guilt for the rest of her life.

As she is now known, Candace Wheeler works as a therapist for teens and adults. Pat and her husband split after the trial, and she relocated to Georgia. Candy, according to reputable sources, still resides in Texas.

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