Camila Mendes Net Worth: Biography, Boyfriend, Salary & Other Info

In 2022, Camila Mendes, an American actress, and singer with a net worth of $4 million was a well-known actress and singer. She is known for her roles in some of the most popular movies ever.

She became well-known when she played Veronica Lodge on Riverdale in 2017, and awards also recognized her roles in movies. She was also in the 2019 Netflix movie “The Perfect Date,” which brought her a lot of attention in the Hollywood business. It was the one thing that changed her career for the better.

She has been acting for a few years and is one of the business's best-known and most successful actresses. She is also a singer. In the past, she has made some albums of songs that many people like.

Camila Mendes: Biography

Camila was born in Charlottesville, Virginia, on June 29, 1994. She was born into the family of her pilot father, Victor Mendes, and her flight attendant mother, Gisele Carraro. Brazil is where her parents are from. When Camila was only eight years old, her parents split up and got a divorce.

Camila Mendes Net Worth

Camila's parents gave her a lot of help as she worked to become an actress and singer. She grew up with her older sister, Kiara. As a child, she moved around a lot because her parents had to go to different places for work. Most of her early years were spent in Florida.

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She began getting ready to act when she was in college. She used to work in plays in college and took me to help her improve. At the beginning of her career, she had some minor roles, but now she is a successful actress and T.V. star.

Camila Mendes: Education

She went to the Heritage School in Plantation, Florida, for her primary education. After she finished school, she had a successful career in the field. After she finished elementary school, she went to the Tisch School at New York University to finish her degree in the arts. She graduated in 120165, and after that, she started working in theatre and on T.V.

Career and Awards of Camila Mendes

Camila's first job was in an advertisement for a company called IKEA. It was her first chance to act in a movie or T.V. show. In 2016, she got to play the role of a “silver-tongued high school sophomore” in the drama series Riverdale.

It has helped her get known as an actress in the business. In 2017, she was on the cover of the well-known magazine Women's Health, and in February 2018, she was on the surface of Cosmopolitan. In 2018, she got to act in a movie called “The New Romantic.”

Camila Mendes Net Worth

In 2020, she also worked on Palm Springs, a show made by Netflix. It was her first time acting in a full-length movie. It was a sci-fi and comedy movie, and the audience liked how she played her part.

In 2017, she got her first award from the Teen Choice Awards for Choice Scene Stealer. In 2018, she was nominated for four timers, and in 2019, she was nominated for one. Dangerous Lies, which came out the same year, is another movie she made for Netflix.

In 2018, the Teen Choice Awards nominated her for Choice T.V. Ship and Choice T.V. Actress Drama. And Best T.V. Actress in a Drama, both from the 2019 Teen Choice Awards.

How Much is Camila Mendes's Net Worth?

Camila has worked on some big projects in her film career that people have liked in the last few years. In 2022, according to celebrity net worth, she has a net worth of $4 million. She has worked hard for years to get where she is now in the industry.


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She made this much money from her early movies, like the sci-fi comedy “Palm Springs” in 2020. She has a lot of money because she acts in movies and on T.V. Acting and singing are the main things that bring in money for her. She works as an actress and makes $400,000 a year from it.

Camila Mendes: Personal Life

In August 2018, Camila started dating her “Riverdale” co-star Charles Melton. In December 2019, it was said that the two had broken up a few months before. In November 2019, Mendes got Truffle, a cute Maltipoo puppy, from the Labelle Foundation, an animal rescue group in Los Angeles.

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In March 2020, Camila called the puppy her “cuddly little quarantine companion” and told her Instagram followers that since they spend so much time at home, they should foster an animal. Mendes says he is from South America and speaks Portuguese.

Camila Mendes Net Worth

She has been poorly treated in Hollywood, and an interview in 2017, “People Chica,” she said, “I often hear, ‘You don't look Latina enough,' which is such a backward way of thinking. I am Latino, so how can you say I don't look, Latino?”

Real Estate

Mendes bought a 2,005-square-foot home in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles for $1.9 million in 2020. The house has three bedrooms, four bathrooms, a balcony, quartz countertops, a cactus garden, and views of the Hollywood sign and the L.A. basin.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Net Worth of Camila Mendes?

Camila Mendes‘s total net worth is around $4 Million.

What is the Age of Camila Mendes?

Currently, Camila Mendes is 28 years old (29 June 1994).

What is the Height of Camila Mendes?

The Height of Camila Mendes is 1.57 m. (5’ 1”).