Camila Cabello and Austin Kevitch Split After 8 Months of Dating!

Camila Cabello's relationship status is usually a hot issue in the media because she is a famous American singer and songwriter. A recent rumor that she and Lox Club's CEO, Austin Kevitch, have split up.

Camila Cabello and Austin Kevitch Split After 8 Months of Dating!

Previous rumors had her seeing Austin Kevitch. Their June 2022 outings in Los Angeles generated initial dating speculation. Camilia was then seen having drinks with a friend at the neighboring Cafe Wooyoo, where she afterward uploaded an Instagram photo documenting their outing.

Fascinatingly, less than a year after it was made public that they were dating, the official newsletter for the private dating service informed its followers that “Austin is single again.”


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But, they never confirmed their relationship with the public, and to our knowledge, no one has commented on this.

Witnesses on one of their first dates remarked to E! News that the couple looked at each other and kissed passionately. “They seemed like they were having a great time and were having a lot of fun together. They mingled lips.

After they left, they walked hand in hand and continued their conversation. “They had a nice day together and clearly enjoyed themselves,” says the report.

During her October appearance on The Drew Barrymore Show, Camila Cabello opened out about her attempts at online dating. Drew Barrymore acts as the host of the program. His most recent post is included below; he has not yet mentioned his love for her.

She didn't say whether Lox Club was the name of the dating app in question. She went on, “I was on a dating app for like 24 hours then I quit.”

The “Senorita” singer dated Shawn Mendes for about two and a half years before they split up in November of 2021; Austin Kevitch was the first man she dated after their split. The pair promised to “remain great friends” with each other.

Camila Cabello and Austin Kevitch Split After 8 Months of Dating

Camila has also lately shared her thoughts on romance.

The actress said as much during an October appearance on The Drew Barrymore Show: “I feel like the date is even the incorrect term.” One of the most exciting parts of dating for me is meeting new people.

If you're at a dinner party with the intention of making fantastic friends, building friendships, and a physical attraction to someone else develops, that's fine; it's natural. Then she made this comment.

To add, “Just try to keep your focus on meeting new people. Yet, you won't waste your time by going on interminable dates with random people, such as three hours or a whole night.

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