Call of the Night Chapter 171 Release Date, Recap & Where To Read and Everything!

We have some news for you regarding Call of the Night Chapter 171. In this article, we will detail the upcoming chapter, including when it will be released, any hints we may have, the appearance of the raw scans, and the best places to read it.

Known by its alternative title, “Yofukashi no Uta,” Call of the Night is a popular manga about a murder mystery set at night. It's about vampires and other supernatural creatures making their homes in Japanese metropolises.

The success of the anime adaptation of the manga only increased its popularity, and now viewers are eagerly awaiting details regarding season 2 of Call of the Night. Read on for details regarding the upcoming release of Call of the Night Chapter 171, as well as a recap of what happened in Chapter 170. If you want to know everything about it, you'll have to scroll down and read the whole thing.

Call of the Night Chapter 171 Release Date: When It Is Going To Release?

Kotoyama's novel Call of the Night has a new chapter published in Shogakukan's Weekly Shonen Sunday magazine every Tuesday. Following the same schedule, the next chapter of Call of the Night will be released on May 24, 2023, at 12 a.m. JST.

Call of the Night Chapter 171 Release Date

Let's Take a look at the Recap of Chapter 170 of Call of the Night

At the beginning of this episode, Nazuna and Kou are seen strolling the streets late at night. It was difficult because Nazuna had no idea how to start a conversation with Kou. It's been a long since they've done this, Kou said to kick off the talk.

He informed her that they hadn't taken a stroll together since their reconciliation with Miss Detective and subsequent visits to the hospital and school during her “Self Discovery” journey.

He inquired as to the day's activities with her. As far as Nazune is concerned, he can travel wherever he likes. Kou was about to advise going to her apartment when he remembered he had entirely destroyed it.

That made him wonder where she'd been hiding out for so long. He screamed out of the blue, “Nazuna-chan's goanna die like a stray dog!” Nazuna pointed out a bridge pathway and informed him that it led to her house as they strolled along.

The house was situated adjacent to the rented storage space. Unexpectedly, Nou exclaimed, “You call this your home?! The sunglass mask man, Azami, who cleans up after vampire-related occurrences, took most of Nazuna's belongings there, so she has been alright.

Kou had warned her that the facility was filthy and only suitable for keeping useless items. She invited him inside her room, saying, “Home is where your heart is.” The space was tight yet orderly; her previous dwelling had been too spacious.

Call of the Night Chapter 171 Release Date

She had no idea that modest apartments were so much more welcoming until she moved there. He advised her to leave her apartment after he saw that it lacked basic amenities like running water and electricity.

Together, Nazuna and Kou canvassed their social circle for apartment recommendations for Nazuna's impending independence. Sakura started to invite Kou to her apartment, but Kou quickly declined.

Kou had previously asked Hatsuka if she could move in with her, and Hatsuka had agreed. When they arrived at her house, Hasuka's dad showed them a place for rent in the neighborhood.

Where Can You Read Call of the Night Online?

There are two ways you can read the latest chapter. The first is by reading the fan translations which will be available one or two days after the Japanese release. You can also purchase its previous volumes on Viz Media’s website and can read them in both online and offline mode.

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