Caboglo tries to restrict clothing and friendship to a CFF employee harassment charge | Football

In the sent note Give, Rogerio Caboclo's defense said “he never committed any harassment. He will prove it at the CPF Ethics Commission hearing.”

The attempt took place in March 2021, the day after a meeting at the leader's house in Sவோo Paulo, in which he allegedly carried out a vicious attack on a staff member – who first called her a “bitch” and then handed her his own dog's cookies. Followed and began to simulate barking.

The employee who registered the complaint – and who will be protected by his name – also spoke to the reporter:

– I'm going through some very difficult times these days. Including medical treatment. In fact, today I lodged a complaint with the Brazilian Football Ethics Committee and the Personality and Compliance Board, thus taking administrative action – the official said.

A day after the insults at the top hat house, the employee confronted Caboglo and made it clear to him that he had never felt humiliated or ridiculed. The leader said he would no longer interfere in his personal life, but demanded that he no longer have a personal or friendly relationship or with anyone in the CPB.

In the same conversation, the manager would have told the manager that her work clothes did not match the function – which she understood as evidence of a misunderstanding. Rogerio Caboglo, according to the complaint, demanded that he change his dress code and even offer to pay for the purchase of new clothes.

Rosario Caboclo – Photo: Breeding / Amazon Network

A week later, another episode of harassment occurred, according to a complaint to the CBF Ethics Council. At the end of the work day, the CBF President invited the Caboglo staff to speak in the winter garden of the room.

The leader allegedly gave liquor to the employee and asked him to remove his protective mask against Govt-19. He refused to drink and refused to remove the mask because he was in contact with those who tested positive.

Frightened by the behavior of Rosario Caboclo, he sent messages to two directors of the CBP. One was no longer in the company building, but the other responded to the request and went there and began a conversation with the president – as she left the room.

A few minutes later, according to the complaint, the director was fired and the employee was called back to the president’s office. Rosario Caboclo would then have started a conversation about the employee’s past emotional relationships.

Faced with refusing to talk about the matter, the CFF leader later started talking about his own intimacy and quoted his wife in a disrespectful manner. The employee who accused Rogerio Caboclo of sexual and moral harassment should not go into details in the complaint. But it was at this point in the conversation that the employee left the room and regretted it.



Gabriel Morera and Martin Fernandez comment on CFF employee sexual harassment allegations against Rogerio Caboglo

Gabriel Morera and Martin Fernandez comment on CFF employee sexual harassment allegations against Rogerio Caboglo

This employee, who is considered to have a sensible and reserved profile, has been with the CFF since 2012. He was hired to work in the reception area and then promoted to the ceremonial department. Considered to be highly professional, he is well-liked among colleagues, heads of state federations and company partners who are often circulated through the building. Since graduation, he has been limited in talking to his lawyers and family.

Allegations of sexual and moral harassment were leveled against Rosario Caboclo, who at the time was experiencing his most serious crisis at the behest of the company – on several fronts. The top hat has been criticized for bringing Copa America to Brazil at a crucial moment in the corona virus epidemic. Coach Tide and his relationship with the Brazilian national team players have also deteriorated over the past week.

After the allegations surfaced, several directors of federations, clubs and the CFF began to confirm that they were waiting for the resignation of Rosario Caboclo without identifying themselves – in an exclusive manner.