Buddy Daddies Episode 11 Release Date: Would Miri Again Meet Rey and Kazuki?

Hey! anime lovers, today we came up with the updates of the new anime series “Buddy Daddies” which is heavily liked by people. In this article, we'll talk about the release date and time of Buddy Daddy's episode 11. The Japanese television series Studio Pia's newest project is planned to broadcast 13 episodes which of course will be filled with excitement that will make you addicted to watching the series. The series will be released Saturday, March 25, in Tokyo MX at 12 am JST, you can check your country's time zone from the list below to know more accurate release times.

Well, episode 10 ended with leaving a sad note that shook the entire fandom as Miri got separated from her two papas as Miri's mother come back into her life again. This was the most unexpected and upsetting thing that has happened in the series by far. The heartwarming episode creates curiosity in the fans that what will be gonna happen next in the upcoming episodes.

What was Happen in Previous Episodes?

Buddy daddy's episode 10 opens with Miri and her classmate learning to sing the song “Silent Night” for the upcoming Christmas party. Meanwhile, Kazuki and Rey are deciding what to get Miri for Christmas. They are then surprised to see Miri's mother Anasaka Masaki standing outside in front of the daycare she tells them that she come here to take Miri back. Of course, Kazuki doesn't happy about that he tells her that's a whole lot of nerve she's got here.

They were interrupted by Miri seeing her mother. Miri happily rushes to hug her immediately making Kazuki realize how important her mother is to Miri. Mary has no place to talk to Rey and Kazuki brings Miri's mother to their house. Miri's mother realizes how good Miri's life is compared to when she was with her. She asks Miri “you'd rather be here with me.” Miri denies saying she loves her mother and her papas.

When Miri falls asleep Miri's mother, Rey and Kazuki sit down and talk. She tells them that she has returned because she was fired from her job, her man left her and worst of all her cancer spread to her throat so she no longer sings. She promises Rey and Kazuki whatever it takes to give Miri a happy life. After that, she thanked them for taking care of Miri.

They both got shocked to know how Miri's mother could have figured out their profession hearing that Kitaro admits that he told Miri's mother their job. He does this to save Kazuki and Rey from the organization. Since the organization this that Miri's presence is making their work sloppy if they don't get rid of Miri soon, the organization will give them more than just a warning. After spending a whole day with Miri they hand-over Miri to her mother.

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Earlier in episode 9 of Buddy Daddy, Kitaro genuinely struggles to admit that Kazuki and Miri are targeted when they are getting ready for the owls or a daycares field day with Papa Kazuki and Papa Ray. Finally, being involved in helping Kazuki prepare food for Miri is a fulfillment of a lifelong goal. Kazuki and Rey have a lot of tries to the mothers making them the obvious adult draw.

The most interesting and enjoyable activity of all is watching the children participate in sports especially after Miri developed a romantic interest in the boy leading Kazuki and Rey to pledge to defend her from him. Amazingly, while not attractive Papa Ray's rice balls are nevertheless palatable and that is more than enough. It's very surprising to see Ray come out of his shell and embrace his parental side.

When it comes to the scavenger hunt having both of them as a family together with Miri is the most heartwarming message that Rey has received after parting ways with his estranged family. Miri and Kazuki have always been the de facto standard for the parent-child formula.

How You Can Watch the Series?

The episode will later run on other popular Japanese syndications, including BS11, Gunma TV, and Tochigi TV. Crunchyroll is streaming Buddy Daddies exclusively on its platform for free.

The free version of Crunchyroll comes with many ads, so for an uninterrupted experience, viewers can switch to Crunchyroll's paid-up version by subscribing to ad-free plans like Fan ($7.99/month) and Mega Fan ($9.99/mo). New subscribers on Crunchyroll can get a 14-day free trial.

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