Bubble Shooter Problem with Solution

Do you love to play Bubble Shooter? If yes, there is good news for you: Bubble Shooter Candy 3 is here. Indeed, it is the game that makes you feel relaxed after a hectic job. Whether you are a kid or an adult, the relaxing time passes. The color-full world of candies that fills your screen with rainbows makes the serotonin thrush in the blood. But sometimes, these games become frustrating. What should we do in such cases? Stay calm and enjoy the charm of the games. We are here to help you out with the problem one face while playing it.

In this blog, we will find out what this game is all about.  What are the issues? Where can you play, and what are the solution? So, are you ready to pop the entire world of candy one by one?

What is Bubble Shooter?

Before you understand handle the problems and beat the Bubble Shooter, you must have some basic knowledge of this game. Bubble Shooter is one of the arcade games that one can play on Bubble Shooter. net. On this website, you can play any type of bubble shooter game. You name it, and they have it. Also, there are some of the best Android games for each one of you.

If you talk specifically about Bubble Shooter Candy 3, then here, one needs to shoot bubble candies at the playfield. What is the motto of the game? The aim is to remove all the bubbles from the playboard. Is it interesting? But here is the twist: Aim the same color candy.

Here, accuracy is vital. Why is that so? One may add bubbles to the playboard rather than remove them. Hence, they increase the chances of filling the play board and losing the game.

What should we do in such cases? How do I clear the board and beat all of these exciting games?

Problem with Solution Bubble Shooter

Moving to the further levels of Bubble Shooter Candy 3 or any other bubble shooter can be hard, specifically if you still need to nail down some solution plans and tactics. Moving in this game requires one to think both tactically and strategically. Vital thinking will aid you in learning how to beat Bubble Shooter games.

Problem: How to Target the Bubbles  to clear the space

Solution: So rather than try to shoot one bubble per shot, wait until you get the right shade and target that bubble to drop all the bubbles in one hit

So here is the first problem when playing bubble shooter games: If you see bubbles of the same color dangling, then you are in luck. Hit the group of the same color, and you have blasted the same color balls. Here try to shoot one bubble per shot and  wait ti get the right color and target that ball to drop all the bubbles in single hit. After that, you will have free space. Also, keep a close eye on which bubble is next. If you know that there will be two bubbles with the same shades, they can go for single bubbles on the playboard. Hence, it targets the isolated bubbles that connect the bunch of other hanging bubbles.

Problem how to Target the bubble that is harder to reach?

Solution:  Depend on the Bank Shot 

Here is the most common problem one may face while playing this game. Here we advice to learn about ‘bank shot.’ What is this? It is an angle when you shoot at one of the playing board walls. It is to make a bubble bounce off playfield side walls. So it is useful when one is trying to get harder-to-reach bubbles or balls where there are many same-shaded bubbles. These angles can also help players squeeze balls in to fill spaces. Do you think these kinds of shorts are a must if one likes to reach the last level of the bubble shoot without losing any level?

Problem: How to Clear the board with limited moves

Solution: Plan Ahead 

The most vital aspect as one evolves their game type is to prepare ahead. It is in line with the plan element of these games. When one first sees the playing board at the start of the bubble shooter, they have time to estimate their plan for clearing the playing board and managing some actions for how to win the Bubble Shooter. As one progresses, one can create mini methods to achieve their main goal.


Now, you have learned all about the bubble shooter problem and solution. Besides all the solutions, here is the main key that practice makes one perfect. The more one plays, the better they will become at all the games of Bubble Shooter.

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