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Here is all the information about Bronwin Aurora Viral Tiktoker

Bronwin Aurora is best known on TikTok as cutebron11. A recent video sketch of hers in which she acts like a salesperson in a clothing store has gone viral. Have you ever been on TikTok and seen a video that went viral, but you didn't know much about who made it?

Sometimes you may want to know how to follow them on other platforms or how to watch more of their content. Aurora seems to have a lot of followers online, so if you want to know more about her daily life, you can also follow TikToker on Instagram.

She got two million likes on TikTok, so it's clear that Aurora is someone to watch in the coming months as the number of people who follow her is growing. Here is all the information you might need about Bronwin.

Who is Bronwin Aurora?

Bronwin Aurora is a social media influencer who has a lot of fans on TikTok and Instagram. You can find her on Instagram under the name @bronwinaurora. She has 172 thousand followers and mostly posts selfies, full-body outfit photos, and TikTok videos.


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Aurora also has a page on the website Only Fans where she calls herself “a small college student figuring out her sexuality.” She charges $10 a month for a subscription and has 241,800 likes on the platform.

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Bronwin Aurora Goes Viral With Retail Tiktok Video

Aurora already had a large number of followers on TikTok, but her most recent video has made her a TikTok star, with almost two million likes in just one day. The 19.4 million people who have watched the video have seen Aurora standing behind a cash register in a store.

Someone behind the camera walks up to the cash register and puts a pair of underwear on the counter. He tells her that he would like to buy the underwear, but only if it fits his girlfriend, who is the same size as Aurora.


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The customer asks Aurora if she would mind trying them on and if he could watch because he “needs to make sure” they fit. The customer whispers to the camera as Aurora walks toward the changing rooms, “I don't even have a girlfriend.”

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People on Tiktok Talk About Cutebron11's Popular Video

When the video went viral, people started leaving comments under TikTok. Some people thought the skit was funny: One person wrote: “Customer service that goes above and beyond.”

“Bro, you lost me when you said you didn't have a girlfriend,” said a laughing person.

But some viewers didn't catch on right away that the video was a joke. Instead, they said that the situation was definitely made up.

Someone said, “Those are things that have never happened in 100 years.”

Someone else said, “This is awesome as hell. These two definitely know each other.”

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