When Bright 2 Will Premiere on Netflix ?

When Chris Hemsworth's movie Extraction came out, Netflix made a lot of headlines. This is because Netflix is now fully into the blockbuster game with movies like this. There were a few years ago when Netflix was just starting out with original films, but they didn't venture into blockbuster territory at all.

They instead focused on smaller movies that were easier for them because they didn't have much money at the time. When Netflix went big for the first time in 2017, that changed things up a whole lot.

Their urban fantasy film Bright, which was made on a reported $100 million budget, was a perfect example of blockbuster filmmaking. Will Smith, a big-screen star, was cast in the movie. A lot of critics didn't like the movie Bright when it came out, but the movie has become the most watched Netflix original in history.

bright 2

Max Landis wrote the script for Bright, which was directed by Suicide Squad director David Ayer. It takes place in a world where humans live with magical creatures like Orcs and Elves. Smith plays an LAPD officer who is forced to work with the first Orc cop in the country (Joel Edgerton).

Not surprisingly, the pair's first real job puts them right in the middle of a lot of magic. Dueling groups are fighting for a powerful wand that some believe is the key to the return of the “Dark Lord.”

As you can imagine, there is a lot of mystical madness going on with Ayer and his friends. imitating a Lethal Weapon-style cop movie and The Lord of the Rings for Bright. Many people seemed to enjoy that mix, and Netflix had all the ammunition it needed to make a sequel. There is a good chance that that sequel is going to happen now more than ever before. As of now, this is how much we know about Netflix's Bright 2:

Bright 2's Plot

There will be a sequel to Bright, which will be called Bright 2. It will be out around 2020.

The next movie's plot hasn't been revealed yet, but it's possible that it will focus more on Orcs and their way of life.

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In Bright 2, Who Will be There?

Will Smith and Joel Edgerton, two of the stars of Bright, may be willing to return to the streets of L.A. for another gritty magical-realism movie. There are still unknowns about when the movie will be released.

A report by Collider says that both stars have already agreed to work together again for Bright 2. It's not clear who else will be back in the magical world when the movie comes out again.

bright 2


So, it's clear that there were a lot of important people in Bright who aren't going to be in any sequels. Noomi Rapace (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Prometheus) is one of them. Her fearsome elf-assassin was often the most interesting part of Bright. The fact that Leilah can't come back for Bright 2 doesn't mean she can't.

We're dealing with a world where magic is real, and resurrection is a real possibility. This means we would not be surprised at all if the character caused more trouble in the next movie.

Edgar Ramirez and Happy Anderson, who played FBI Agents Kandomere and Montehugh in the first film, are likely to return in the sequel. This is because their “Magic Task Force” has a certain magical artefact by the end of the first film.

This means that they'll likely be back. You can be sure that Lucy Fry will reprise her role as Tikka in Bright 2. We don't know what kind of role she will play, though.

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When is Bright 2 Going to be on Netflix?

A few years after Netflix first aired the movie Bright, it's clear that the company isn't rushing the movie's sequel through production. This may be because Will Smith and Joel Edgerton have a lot of work to do. Max Landis, who wrote Bright from a completely new idea, may also be to blame for this.

In the end, Netflix decided to move forward with Bright 2 without the world's creator. David Ayer and Evan Spiliotopoulos will write the new movie together.

It looks like Netflix is ready to move forward with T.S. Newlin's version of the screenplay for that movie. Netflix has also hired the director of Now You See Me and The Incredible Hulk, Louis Letterier, to direct Bright 2. It looks like Netflix wants to get the movie made and on its service as soon as possible.

bright 2

It's also likely that Bright 2 won't be in production for a long time because of production delays in Hollywood and the effect it will have on actors' work schedules. If Bright was a hit, you can be sure that the follow-up will be a big hit, too.

Is Bright 2 going to be on the market in December of 2020? In December of 2020? In December of 2022? Or some other time?